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A mother walks her son in Seville on the 46th day of the state of alarm. Europe Press

Starting this Saturday, May 2, adults will be allowed to go for a walk with a person they live with, or a caregiver if necessary, and to perform non-professional physical activity individually, according to the order of the Ministry of Health. published this Friday in the BOE, which details the measure advanced by the Government. But, in order to protect vulnerable groups, the physical activity provided for in this order is not contemplated for inmates in nursing homes. In addition, the walks are restricted to a kilometer away from the home, although it may be exceeded to exercise. Of course, you can not take a private vehicle or public transport to move away from the usual home to exercise.

As Salvador Illa, Health Minister, advanced this Thursday, departures during the state of alarm for the new coronavirus will take place by time bands. From 6.00 to 10.00 and from 20.00 to 23.00 it is reserved for adults who want to go for a walk or do sports. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., for those who need to go out accompanied by reasons of need and people over 70, who can go out with a person living between 14 and 70 years. Between 12.00 and 19.00 it will be the turn of children under 14 years of age, who will have a maximum of one hour to walk with an adult.


In addition, Fernando Simón, director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, clarified at a press conference that the objective of the schedules is to control the transmission of the virus and that: “If a person goes out to do sports in the morning in the corresponding time slot and then it is the father who is going to take the walk with his child, there does not have to be any incompatibility between the two ”.

The order also establishes the requirements to follow to avoid contagion. You must maintain a distance of at least two meters with third parties, comply with prevention and hygiene measures, avoid crowded spaces and do not make unnecessary stops during physical activity. In addition, it will be possible to circulate through any road for public use and authorized green areas, but access to closed sports facilities or “use of motorized vehicles or public transport to move to roads or spaces for public use in order to practice the physical activity provided for in this order ”, according to the text.

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