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The month of October is known for the increase in consumption of nougat, a very popular product among the Peruvian population, but that in excess can cause damage to health.

EsSalud recently indicated that one kilo of nougat equals 40 breads with butter due to the high-saturated ingredients and sugar that this product contains. These components are related to diabetes, obesity, overweight and other diseases, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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However, it is not necessary to avoid this appetizer completely: the key is in the quantity and periodicity. So what is the proper portion of nougat that should be consumed so as not to affect health?

“A kilo of nougat can have more than 4 thousand kilocalories. Then an appropriate portion could be the fifth part of a package of 250 grams, that is, 50 grams, a size similar to that of a package of cookies, ”explains Vanessa Cardoso, Professor of Nutrition at the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia (El Comercio) UPCH)

The expert details the consumption of nougat in the country does not replace another food, but is an addition to the diet, so it is important to balance its consumption because the nutritional contribution it gives is not very healthy.

According to the WHO, the body needs about 2,000 kilocalories per day; So, if a single person consumes half a kilo or a kilo of nougat in a single moment, he would be consuming all the energy he needs for that day, not counting the other meals.

"The nougat has carbohydrates, fats and almost no protein, so eating half a kilo of nougat could satisfy the body's need, but in a nutritionally poorly distributed way," says Cardoso.

How should a nougat be consumed?

The key so that nougat consumption does not affect health is to consume small portions, but not with large meals, says the nutritionist.

"You should not go with lunch or dinner, because the body is not given time to spend calories, so that excess becomes harmful, which causes long diabetes," adds Cardoso.

The most recommended is to consume it as a small snack or lunch and should never be accompanied by sugary drinks, especially soda. "If you consume it, it should be with a coffee or tea without sugar."

If physical activity is performed, the body will consume the extra calories, but if you have a sedentary life, then the body will retain the excess, he adds.

In addition, the expert points out that on the day that nougat is consumed, other high-calorie foods, such as pasta or grilled chicken, should not be eaten, since this would overcome what the body needs.

"For a family of five people, for example, one kilogram for a week is fine, with the condition that consumption is gradual and not in a single day," says Cardoso.

However, the UPCH expert indicates that people should not be alarmed, since it should be borne in mind that the consumption of nougat is only seasonal, so you should enjoy this product in moderation.

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