Health: Why You Should Get a Pap Smear Every Year

Health: Why you should get a Pap smear every year. | Pexels

To talk about sexuality is not always to look for ways to experience more pleasure or innovate with our partner to strengthen the intimate bond, it is also about taking care of our health and that is why we want to tell you why you should have a Pap smear every year.

Surely you have heard your friends, your mom, your aunts, cousins ​​or sisters talk about the Pap smear, but also, you could have believed some myth about it and we want to dispel your doubts, because knowing the purpose of this test could save your life.


Who does it?

The pap smear is performed by a gynecologist, the ideal is to do it every year since you started your sexual activity, regardless of age. Many women believe that it helps prevent ovarian cancer, but in reality, the study is focused on detecting cervical-uterine cancer in its early stages.

This type of cancer is one of the most deaths in women around the world, therefore, we should not skimp on its prevention and treatment.

How is a pap smear? It hurt?

Many times we fear going to the gynecologist for thinking that the review will be painful and uncomfortable, but we must put aside the penalty to put our health first. A good doctor will treat you with kindness and respect, so this process will not cause you much trouble.

Once your trusted doctor performs the cervical inspection, he will insert a speculum into your vagina, an instrument that helps open it a little so you can collect cells from your cervix with a kind of small brush. It is a quick process that lasts less than a minute and without pain.

Subsequently, your doctor will send these cells to a laboratory for analysis and give you another appointment to publicize the results and clarify any questions you have.

Health: Why you should get a Pap smear every year. Pexels

But hey … what about ovarian cancer?

Unfortunately in this case there are no preventive studies, but there may be symptoms that give it away and the faster you treat it, the greater your life expectancy will be. Some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

Little or no appetite
Pain in the pelvic and / or abdominal area
Want to urinate constantly
Diarrhea or constipation
Drastic weight loss
Does cervical-uterine cancer have symptoms?

Yes, and even if you don't believe it, cervical-uterine cancer is much more obvious than ovarian cancer. You may have symptoms like these:

Bleeding out of your menstrual period or after having sex
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Discomfort during sex
Lower back pain

If you have any questions, go to your doctor and do not let the year go by without having your pap smear, make sure everything is in order with your body.