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Healthy Diet To Raise Your Defenses And a Menu Example

We have not always thought about the need to strengthen our immune system to fight infection. However, COVID-19 has made us worry about these issues that previously did not occupy a relevant role in our lives.

Therefore, more and more people are aware of how a good diet can help us prepare the body both to prevent a possible contagion and to mitigate its effects and avoid persistent COVID as much as possible, which already affects about 600,000 Spanish people.

Obviously, the stronger our defenses are, the more complicated viruses will have it to harm us. But how to strengthen the immune system through diet?

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On the one hand, it is essential to have a balanced microbiota (the flora of all life) to absorb nutrients, as well as to increase the presence of vitamins A, C and D. And, on the other, it is essential to use superfoods to activate and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

All this without forgetting other healthy practices (such as rest and keeping toxins away) that also help to keep us strong and healthy against external threats. The health and nutrition expert and CEO of Soycomocomo (healthy nutrition community) Nuria Coll gives you the keys so that you can strengthen your defenses.

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How do we strengthen our body with food?

The first thing is always to put aside what weakens us. This is sometimes taken for granted, but it shouldn’t. It makes no sense to make an effort to provide nutrients that strengthen us through food if we do not stop taking processed or excess flours before, or if we are not willing to give up permanent snacking.

These are eating habits that tend to inflame us and interfere with the absorption of those nutrients that we need to have a properly functioning immune system.

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