HEART BLUE AND GOLD | The Most Famous Pumas Fans

One of the clubs considered great Mexican football are the Pumas of the UNAM, for this reason, they have several fans around the country, but the love for blue and gold colors also reaches famous people such as athletes, journalists or actors .Do not forget to also follow us on our Instagram account, 90min_es, and our Twitter account, @ 90minespanol! Next, we show you the famous followers of the university cadre: José María de Tavira (actor) The actor who has appeared in films or television series such as “Arráncame la vida” and “Rosario Tijeras” has visited the painting several times of the UNAM posing with the jacket in different photographic sessions. Carlos Loret de Mola The journalist, former conductor of Televisa in “Primero Noticias” is a constant visitor at the University Olympic Stadium to watch the club of his loves play. Fundo The irreverent comedian and conductor of Radio and television, which gave life to the famous character Jaime Duende, has always made clear his passion for felines enjoying as few as the triumphs or defeats, apart he makes constant bets and even the hymn Puma is known.Gael García BernalRead moreThe same way that other followers the actor, protagonist of “Amores Perros”, “Rudo y Cursi” and “The crime of Father Amaro” has been present in Ciuda d University to support the team, has also been seen on several occasions with the jersey. Mark Sánchez Despite practicing basketball, football or boxing, that does not prevent celebrities from other sports to follow a football team. That is the case of the exquarterback of the New York Jets, who has also been in the feline field.Poncho VeraThe communicologist, who now works for the ESPN Deportes chain, is another of the most recognized fans because every time he has the opportunity he appears with the shirt, because almost no match is lost by having a bonus.Joaquín López DórigaWho has never hidden his great love for the UNAM staff is the journalist, who for many years was the head of “El Noticiero” of Televisa and is a graduate of the named university. He normally shares his opinion through the social network of Twitter.Micky Huidobro, Tito Fuentes and Randy EbrightTres of the four members of the Mexican rock group Molotov are also fervent followers, especially El Huidos, who recently wrote a song to America called “El Pollito Pio” due to its rivalry. Another issue that caused controversy was when they won a bet on the late owner of the Chivas, Jorge Vergara, after falling with the university students and created the theme “Me Vale Vergara.” Diego Luna The charolastra who is having a lot of success in the cinema of States United, after leaving in “Rogue One” or “The Book of Life” also does not get tired of showing the love for the colors blue and gold, apart from each one who has the opportunity is presented in the stadium to support. Carmen AristeguiLa journalist, who It has its portal Aristegui Noticias, which never has hairs on its tongue to say what it thinks has indicated that the Pumas is the team of its entire life, although it has not shown it constantly. Alejandro Lora The famous leading rocker of the rock group , The TRI, interpreter of “Hey Cantinero”, “Sad Song” and “Poor Dreamer” has also stated several times that he is Puma by heart, despite being born in Puebla.Andrés Manuel López ObradorThe president of Mexico, AMLO, who is a great baseball lover, also has his favorite team in the MX League and they are the men of Ciudad Universitaria.Paola Rojas The ex-wife of former soccer player Luis Roberto Alves Zague was not equal to him, he did not follow the America. The host of the “Neta Divinas” program is really auriazul.Mariazel One of the most recognized today is the Spanish driver, actress and model, who some time ago joined Televisa Deportes to be part of the “Zona Puma” program. He usually shows his support through all his social networks.Verónica RodríguezThe famous ‘Güera’ that belongs to the FOX Sports team is also another declared fan and continuously shows the love for colors when attending the stadium or posing with the shirt. Elena PoniatowskaThe Mexican writer, of French origin, author of “La Noche de Tlatelolco” has a close relationship with the UNAM for what has shown her love for blue and gold. Alfonso HerreraThe Mexican actor, who starred in the soap opera “Rebelde” has confessed that he fell in love with the Pumas after the title of the 1990-91 campaign. Carlos Slim The billionaire, owner of the CARSO consortium, has always shown his fondness with the felines and his proximity to the club becoming part of the patronage of the University Club.