Heartbreaking Messages Reveal Evidence Of Johnny Depp’s Violence

The former legal team of the actor mistakenly revealed some text messages that show the problems of alcoholism and anger control.

Even if Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against the British newspaper The sun and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, for “defamation“After the media claimed that the actor exercised physical and psychological violence against his ex-partner, Amber Heard, even a few weeks ago an audio was revealed that changed the known version and showed the counterpart of the story in which it was heard Amber violate the actor.


However, things may not turn out so well for the actor, because in his appearance before the courts for said lawsuit were revealed just over 70 thousand text messages that the legal team of Depp revealed to the party accused by mistake, such messages they contain serious threats and in them, the actor recognizes his problems of addictions and anger control.

In accordance with Daily Mail, the lawyer of The sun assured that Johnny Depp He sent text messages to the actor in November 2013 (during his relationship with Amber Heard) Paul Bettany, where it reads:

In another text message sent to Bettany in May 2014, he wrote about his alcoholism problems: “I will properly stop drinking, honey… I drank all night before picking up Amber to fly to Los Angeles, last Sunday “.

One more read: “Ugly, friend … There is no food for days … Dusts … Half a bottle of whiskey, a thousand red bulls and vodkas, pills, two bottles of air champers and what do you get … ???”.