Hebe De Bonafini's Outburst About Macri Voters: “They Are a Permanent Cancer Of The Country, Who Wants To Eat Your Guts”

The victory of the Front of All in the recent elections was not reflected in a festive speech by Hebe de Bonafini. Unlike. As happens every Thursday in the Plaza de Mayo, the leader delivered a message that included an outburst, this time about the voters of President Mauricio Macri.

In that sense, the head of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo compared the followers of Juntos por el Cambio with the people who were complicit in the military dictatorship and described them as "a permanent cancer of the country, which wants to eat your entrails."

Averaging his speech, Bonafini charged the outgoing president electors: “We won, at the polls. It means we have more votes than they do, but we don't have to forget that those votes are the same ones that brought the boots. They are the same ones who brought the militias to kill. They are the same ones who shut up when they killed our children, our mothers. They are the same as silence, despite the horror. That 30 or 37 percent is like a permanent cancer of the country, that wants to eat your guts. ”


In that line, the leader considered that they are people "who are always there, to say who is a terrorist and who is not, who steals because he wears a hat upside down and who does not."

In the days leading up to the elections, Bonafini had issued several warnings: against the judges – "They are going to have to pay what they did to us", he threw -, and against leftist groups and Juan Grabois, whom he accused of "playing the game to the government". He had also described Miguel Ángel Pichetto as a “Macri spy” and had asked not to “make stops” to Alberto Fernández if he became president.