Héctor Moreno Was Able To Sign With Barcelona Before The 2014 World Cup In Brazil

The Mexican defender, Héctor Moreno, had the possibility to sign with FC Barcelona before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but the serious injury he had against the Netherlands in the Round of 16 ended up leaving him with no opportunity to reach Barcelona

“Surely it would have been different (if I didn’t get injured) since there were not only talks with Barcelona, ​​but I had the possibility of having signed before the World Cup, I felt very good in all aspects, the tactical scheme and teammates helped me a lot to that I excelled, what happened happened, it was hard, he had to put a pause in life ”, he mentioned in an interview for TUDN.

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The current Al-Gharafa player from Qatar also explained that despite being injured, he had the possibility of signing for other teams, although he decided to stay with Espanyol, his team at the time.

“Even when I was injured I had the opportunity to sign for some team, having already recovered I also had the opportunity but I did not think I was ready to leave, it was hard, but I did not change the experience for anything,” he explained.

Likewise, the Pumas youth squad assured that things happen for a reason, and that perhaps he would not be in Qatar if it were not for those experiences.

The Monterrey would have contact with Héctor Moreno to make his services.

Everything seems to indicate that the Sinaloense will reach the sultana with the CHAMPIONS.#Rayed ☝️ pic.twitter.com/UwadwrwXjZ

– EDDINHO DEPORTIVO (@Eddinho_Pereira)
January 2, 2020

“The World Cup in Brazil was a wonderful thing, the only thing that would change was not the injury but having beaten the Netherlands, the injury doesn’t matter, the bone is stronger than before, but it was an atypical year and one more experience that has brought to be here, everything that has happened in life have me here. If I had signed earlier, perhaps I would not be with my wife here, “he added.