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The former Venezuelan presidential and political candidate, Henri Falcón, urged the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to listen to what he considers to be the true socio-political situation of Venezuelans. Well, in his opinion, the group of minority parties adverse to the Maduro regime really wants to make a change.

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From Russia, the leader of Advanced Progressive recorded a video that was published on his social networks.


"Dare, Mr. President Donald Trump, to hear these truths from that sector of the Venezuelan opposition that does not administer fantasy and illusion as the primary element to achieve change in the country," he said.

Since #Russia our call to President Donald Trump: Dare to hear the truth of a sector that does not commune with violence and shortcuts; that does not promote illusions and fantasies that eventually become great frustrations, while the crisis deepens # 16Dic pic.twitter.com/2UBmrgPWyH

– Henri Falcón (@HenriFalconLara) December 16, 2019

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