Henry “cachita” Gómez Is Approved For An American Visa And Aims For The Gold Cup With Honduras. Offers To Leave Colts?

Henry “Cachita” Gómez Is Approved For An American Visa And Aims For The Gold Cup With Honduras. Offers To Leave Colts?


Henry Gómez, better known as the “Cachita”, already has his American Visa to be able to travel to the United States in case Diego Vázquez, national coach, includes him in the list to play the 2023 Gold Cup.

The Olancho FC footballer was summoned for the microcycle of Honduras this week and received special permission to travel to Tegucigalpa and keep his appointment at the US embassy.


“Cachita” confirmed that her American Visa was approved. “She had to come today, thank God they approved her and we just have to keep working and trusting in God,” said the Colts midfielder.

“You know that everything costs in life, today I had to come to do the paperwork, thank God that it was approved and as I say, everything is from God, it costs, but we are always there, thank God,” he added.

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“Cachita” assures that there were no nerves this Tuesday during his visit to the embassy and he said that the Visa was approved for one year.

“The Federation (of Honduras) helped me get the visa, because this makes me feel that I have to continue working more and that better things are coming for my life, for my family and for each one of us,” he confessed.

Henry Gómez now has many options to be taken into account by Diego Vázquez to travel with the Honduras National Team and play the 2023 Gold Cup.

“This excites me, to be able to be part of this great competition, of this that is going to be beautiful there in the United States, with the Visa it makes me part, but as I told you, there it is already the professor’s (the decision) and well, only It remains to continue working”, said an excited Henry Gómez.


Cachita Gómez also spoke about her professional future and affirms that she has a contract with the Potros de Olancho FC.

“I still have a contract with the team, I will continue to be part of the team. I have some talks there with the pastor (Samuel García, president of Potros) right now the other week, when I’m free for a bit, I need to go there to Olancho to talk, but I do have a one-year contract with the team,” said the Honduran flyer.

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Gómez made it clear that there are some clubs that are interested in his services for the next championship.

“Yes, there are several teams that I have had talks about, but as I tell you right now I am still part of Olancho, right now I am focused on Olancho and we have to wait,” he stressed.

“The illusion of every player is to go abroad, to be in a big team here in Central America, Olancho is a big team too, but how can one not be excited about being in another big team,” he added.

The Colts player confessed that there are clubs from Honduras that have called him, but they have also called him from Nicaragua.

“Yes, from here Honduras (they have called me), I was recently in a conversation with a president who wrote me from Nicaragua, but no, as I told you, right now I am focused on Olancho, which is now my team and with whom I have a contract” .

Henry Gómez made it clear that he will sit down to talk with the president of Potros to see if there is an opportunity to get a salary increase, since he assures that he has had to suffer a lot in his career and that he deserves it for his great work.



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