Henry Martín, The Attacker Who Has Survived In The Herrera Era

America is a demanding team where only the highest level players are expected to be. The internal competition is very strong, and although it is sought that there is continuity in the team, it is also true that it seeks to have only the best. Therefore, it is important to recognize when a player manages to maintain himself throughout a process.

Such is the case of Henry Martín, who is the only forward who has managed to stay in America for as long as Miguel Herrera has been in this second stage, as it should be remembered that when he arrived, Silvio Romero and Oribe Peralta were on the roster. , who went to Independiente and Chivas respectively. Later, Roger Martínez and Nico Castillo arrived, and it was thought that Martín would be relegated to the bench, but it was not.


It should be remembered that the Yucatecan has not only coincided with Miguel Herrera in his time in America, but also spent two years under his orders in Xolos de Tijuana. Therefore, it is clear what they know quite well and have managed to be part of a competitive team that has already won titles with the Eagles shirt.