Her Husband Was Unfaithful And Took Revenge On Him Incredibly

A woman named Brandi Lee has become a “super heroine” for dozens of women who have been victims of an infidelity by their partners, who have still had the nerve to flip the situation by filing a lawsuit against them in Some court.

Brandi shared on Facebook the terrible experience she lived when she discovered her husband's infidelity and how she took revenge on him after he charged her part of the divorce process.

It turns out that Lee discovered, after a long time, that her husband had been unfaithful with the partner of one of his friends, who would also have been present at their wedding.


As soon as she discovered the betrayal, she immediately asked her husband for a divorce, who did not hesitate to give it to her. The process turned out to be very expensive, since a division of assets had to be made, which caused his ex to demand the payment of $ 7,500 dollars for which he invested in said trial.

It was then that Brandi found the perfect way to take revenge on her unfaithful husband, who has also left her adrift, along with her 2 younger children. The woman agreed to pay him that amount of money, only that she decided to give it to him in coins of 10 cents.

Posted by Smart Eagles on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The plan of this spiteful one went perfectly, since in the local bank of Pennsylvania they only receive these currencies as long as they come rolled up, so if your ex-husband wants to deposit the money to his account, he will have to spend a lot of time making little piles of coins

"Maybe you can take some free time and think about how difficult my life has been since you left me with two young children, two farms to take care of, raising the income of this family but without taking any of the bills with you" , was what Brandi wrote, along with images of the coins in buckets, which soon became viral.

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