Here Everything For Positions, Leaders And Everything

Here Everything For Positions, Leaders And Everything

Tigres del Licey (TL), Águilas Cibaeñas (AC) and Estrellas Orientales (EO) triumphed at the Dominican Winter Ball on November 11, technically retaining the lead of the first-placed cat and eagle. I’m here. According to the Dominican Baseball League’s official website, Gigantes del Civao (GC), Estrellas, Toros del Este (TE) and Leones del Escoguidos (LE) tied for bottom.

Los Tigres defeated Gigantes del Cibao 7-2 at Santo Domingo’s Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium. The Eagles defeated the Bulls 7-2 at Civao Stadium in Santiago, while the Estrellas Orientals beat Leones del Escodido 1-0 at Tetero Vargas Stadium in San Pedro de Macoris.

banreservas cup


At the fair, they competed to represent the Dominican Republic in the Banreservas Cup and the Caribbean Series, and are recognized for their dedication to Tomás Troncoso Cuesta.

Ramon Hernández (TL) took over the batting lead, replacing teammate Elie de la Cruz who dropped to third. Ronnie Mauricio, also of the Cats, leads the RBI, with Michael Perez (AC) and Wendell Riho tied for homers.

Private series looks like this

Tournament leader Las Aguilas is 2-3 against Tigress. 2-2 with the Giants. He went 5-0 against the Stars. 5-0 for the Bulls, 2-2 for Leones, 3-1 for El Lise and Gigantes. 3-1 with Stars; Bulls 2-2, Lions 3-0. The Giants are the Stars and he is 3-2. Bulls 3-1, Chosen 2-2, Stars 2-1 Bulls, 4-2 Chosen. The Bulls have won three and lost two against the Lions.

Offensive leader here

batting. Ramon Hernandez (TL), .320; Henry Urrutia (GC), .318; Ellie de la Cruz (TL) .313; Tito Polo (GC), .313, Sandro Fabian (LE), .298 .

OK. Elie de la Cruz (TL) 16; Tito Pollo (GC) 14; Anudi Tavares (AC) 13; Emilio Bonifacio (TL) 12; Ronnie Mauricio (TL) 11;

pressed. Ronnie Mauricio (TL) 16; Rodolfo Durán (EO) 14; Ellie de la Cruz (TL) 13; Carlos Peguero (GC) 13; Kevin Gutierrez (GC) 12, Michael Perez (AC) 12;・TENA (EO) 12.

hit. Ronnie Mauricio (TL) 25; Jose Tena (EO) 25; Ellie de la Cruz (TL) 21; Henry Urrutia (GC) 21; Starlin Castro (LE) 21; Carlos Peguero (GC) 21; some tied for 20).

double. Ronnie Mauricio (TL) 8; Cade Gotta (AC) 7; (some tied for 5).

triple. Emilio Bonifacio (TL) 4; Elie de la Cruz (TL) 2, (some tied for 1).

home run. Wendell Lillo (TE) 4; Michael Perez (AC) 4; Rodolfo Durán (EO) 3; Kelvin Gutierrez (GC) 3; Rainer Nunez (EO) 3.

B. Stolen. Pole Type (GC) 7; Ellie de la Cruz (TL) 7; Ronnie Mauricio (TL) 6; Anudi Tavares (AC) 6; Cade Gotta (AC) 5.

pitcher’s leader

won. Carlos Martinez (AC) 3, (9 out of 2)

effect. Esmil Rogers (TL) 0.55; Steve Moyers (TL), 0.95; Yunesky Maya (AC) 1.31; Jorge Martinez (GC) 1.37; César Valdes (TL) 1.64;

punch. Humberto Mejia (LE) 27; Carlos Martinez (AC) 25; Carlos Hernandez (GC) 21; Pedro Fernández (GC) 19;

relief. Richard Rodriguez (AC) 7; Jairo Asensio (TL) 5; Ramin Gudouan (GC) 3; Fernando Abbado (TE) 3; (3 and 2 tied)

He was the stats manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Dominican Republic and has many years of experience as a media correspondent for El Caribe, El Nacional and La Noticia. He was a writer for Ultima Hora and was responsible for Winter Ball stats for Listin’ Diario.



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