Heriberto Benítez Leaves Alejandro Toledo's Defense To Run For Congress | 2020 Elections 2020 Elections

Updated on 07/11/2019 at 11:57

Former congresswoman Heriberto Benítez will leave the defense of former president Alejandro Toledo – who faces an extradition process of the United States in the framework of the Odebrecht case – to participate as a candidate for Congress in the next electoral process convened for January 26, 2020.

He said he made this decision "to avoid suspicion" and "misunderstanding" in his campaign to the Legislative.


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“I will turn away from Alejandro Toledo's defense. I saw the constitutional part and human rights, two processes are still pending in the Constitutional Court, but to avoid suspicion, to avoid misunderstandings, I will step aside, I will turn away from Alejandro Toledo's defense, ”he said to Channel N.

Heriberto Benítez will run with the Podemos Peru party, taking number 36 on the list through Lima.

The former Minister of the Interior, Daniel Urresti, who heads the parliamentary list will participate with this group.