Hillary Clinton celebrates sentence to Weinstein: "it was time to be accountable"

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Sentence To Weinstein: “it Was Time To Be Accountable”

Former White House Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who is at the Berlin festival to present a documentary series about herself, today celebrated the sentence against film producer Harvey Weinstein, and stressed that “it was time to report.”

“I think the jury verdict speaks for itself and it is obvious that it is something that people have followed, because it was time to report, and the jury clearly saw it,” he told a news conference in the Berlinale .

Regarding the contribution of the movie magnate to the Democratic campaigns, Clinton acknowledged that “he has contributed to all: Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore, everyone.”


“I don’t know if this should discourage other people from contributing to any kind of political campaign, but it should definitely put an end to the type of behavior for which he has been convicted,” he said.

Nanette Burstein’s documentary series, which is screened within the Berlinale Special section, is titled “Hillary”, reviews her political career and contains unpublished material, including some meetings with her internal rival, Bernie Sanders, as well as her campaign as White House candidate, in 2016.

The former first lady of the United States was received yesterday on the red carpet by the German Minister of Culture, Monika Grütters, as well as the two co-directors of the festival, Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian.