Hillary Clinton says she will endorse Bernie Sanders if she wins the Democratic primary

Hillary Clinton Says She Will Endorse Bernie Sanders If She Wins The Democratic Primary

Berlin, Germany – Hillary Clinton pledged Tuesday to support Bernie Sanders if he turns out to be nominated as a presidential candidate by the Democratic Party.

The former secretary of state and former first lady said she will “wait to see who is the nominee … I will support the nominee, and it will not surprise anyone to say that I think it is imperative that we defeat the current president.”

In the past, Clinton expressed skepticism towards Sanders, and in a recent documentary about her he said: “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him.”


Clinton is in Berlin to attend the Berlinale film festival, where the documentary about her, “Hillary” will be shown. The film will debut in March in Hulu.

Senator Sanders won the Nevada and New Hampshire primary. In Iowa, on the other hand, it came second in number of delegates, but reached the majority of the popular vote.