Hillary Clinton To Support Joe Biden’s Candidacy

Hillary Clinton will officially endorse Joe Biden’s candidacy on Tuesday, according to a Democratic official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Biden’s campaign said Clinton would join the alleged nominee in a virtual popular assembly on Tuesday to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on women. Clinton hinted at the ad by tweeting a picture of her, Biden and President Barack Obama laughing in the White House.

A little hint about who the surprise guest will be for @JoeBiden‘s 3pm ET town hall today: (She’s excited.) pic.twitter.com/iGHo6a6G1s


– Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 28, 2020

As the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee, Clinton made history by becoming the first woman to lead the formula for one of the two largest parties in the United States. His endorsement is the latest indication of the party uniting in support of Biden to face President Donald Trump in the November elections. Leaders from across the party’s ideological spectrum have already voiced their support for Biden, including including Obama, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and independent Senator Bernie Sanders, an influential progressive politician.

Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, has not yet publicly endorsed Biden and has generally been kept out of the public light during the Trump era.

The rapid unification since Biden’s primary wins in March contrasts with what happened four years ago, when Clinton failed to win the backing of a significant portion of the left-wing constituency. Sanders battled to the end for the nomination and for the party platform, before giving his endorsement to Clinton and campaigning for her.



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