Hispanic Nurse Infected By Covid-19 Sends Message To Protesters Calling For Reopening Of States | Univision Salud News

Ramona Moll, a Sacramento nurse in California who caught the coronavirus, is upset with the hundreds of Americans protesting on the streets and defying advice from health authorities to stay home, keep a social distance, and wear a face mask in between. of the pandemic.

For more than a month, Ramona has lived in isolation from the world and her family. On March 18 they detected the virus, and although a week ago she stopped feeling the symptoms of covid-19, on Sunday she underwent a new test and returned positive, so she considered it necessary to send an alert message to those They are putting pressure on governors to reopen their states, resume economic activities, and get people back to work.

“What is happening is regrettable,” Ramona, daughter of Mexican immigrants, told Univision Noticias. “In the midst of this crisis, much of the blame lies with the President (Donald Trump), who never took a firm position to tell people to stay home.”


“He is a hypocrite, because he has told his followers that if they want to be free, go out to protest for their states to be reopened, but the only thing he will achieve is to send them to their own death,” he added.

On Monday, Trump defended protesters claiming in California, Nebraska or New Jersey that orders to stay home are spoiling the country’s economy, while he indicated that civil liberties such as the right to bear arms are under siege. and over the weekend, he sent several messages on Twitter telling various governors to “liberate” their states.

From California to Washington, protests in various cities and states across the country have mixed legitimate calls for financial aid during orders to stay home, allegations of “conspiracy theories” about the virus, calls for a halt to “tyranny” from the government and even calls to re-elect Trump.

“We don’t want to be heroes”

Ramona Moll reported that her covid-19 infection started with a dry cough on March 18; She continued with body aches and the regular symptoms of the flu, but on the third day she already had chest and back pain, as well as fever, until she reached the point of feeling that she was short of breath.

After seeing the protests in Sacramento and Huntington Beach, California on video, he said: “They are slapping those of us who work in health, and that upsets me; they don’t realize that the spread of the covid-19 is going to multiply ”.

“How do you come up against the nurses? He added. “Our profession is to dedicate ourselves to serving the public; we do not want to be considered heroes, we simply help others and more in these difficult times; we only exist to help others and it frustrates me to know that in two or three days many of those who protested will be sick, and that’s when they will know first-hand that their actions have a price that they will pay. ”

“I think it’s important (that in protests) people protect themselves and keep a reasonable distance from each other and wear masks,” Dr. Marcella Calfon-Press, co-director of the UCLA Women’s Cardiovascular Center, told Univision News. “Because if we are to start opening businesses, everyone must be very careful and maintain a level of caution; I understand that people want to go back to work, that the situation is difficult, but there is no easy solution; you have to be patient and know that everything is going to improve ”.

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