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As Joe Biden defeated him in the November elections, he made a terrible fuss, said that he had been cheated, that his votes were stolen, he formed a daily ballot. However, he could not present the most humble proof of all these accusations and had to go with his shouting elsewhere, to live in his private home.

That is a real palace. But since Trump cannot live in peace if he is not marrying a daily rally, he has also caught up with the aristocrats of the neighborhood who ask him to leave. (I suggest you better start this story from the beginning).

Previously, it was only Trump’s house, which has its own history, the one called Mar-a-Lago, like that, as it sounds, in Spanish. But, with the passage of time, the entire condominium ended up inheriting the same name, which became collective.


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The exact place is an hour and a quarter from Miami, the great city of Florida, below the United States, on that peninsula that enters the sea as if it were a standing finger.

To get to the places of Mar-a-Lago, starting from Miami, one makes the car take the road south, until one finds a beautiful town called Palm Beach. The first thing you see is a lagoon with an island in the middle and, beyond it, a concrete wall covered with vegetation surrounds the entire shore. This way they prevent strangers from getting into that private condo.

The United States Coast Guard monitors the surroundings of Mar-a-Lago, where former President Trump and his family live

Beaches and palms

In the residential complex, within the fence that borders the lake, palm trees and shrubs grow. That is precisely what explains the romantic name of that town: Palm Beach (‘the beach of palm trees’). There is the refuge of millionaires.

Long lines of cars loaded with visitors, who arrive attracted by the fame of the residence where the wealthy businessman who became president of the most powerful nation in the world lives, stop on the road, lower the windows of the doors and stick their heads Trying to see some of what’s in there

That’s when Troy burned, as it was said in classical antiquity. The former president of the United States himself was violating the mandates of the law.

But the height of the wall, the dense forest and the prohibitions written on large posters prevent you from seeing anything. Only the residents of the condominium and their employees are allowed to enter.

At the entrance, next to the main door, there is a police station flanked by two officers. On the roof of the station the flag of the United States flies.

The sea of ​​adults

On the opposite sidewalk, on the other side of the road, there is a minaret similar to the ones that guarded the entrance to European cities in the Middle Ages. At the top of the little tower hangs an ancient bell.

Then I see it. Gorgeous and frizzy. Down there, behind the tower and in front of the wide beach, the sea stretches out. It is the gateway to the Caribbean through the southern United States.

Now, only now, I understand the curious name of Mar-a-Lago: it is the open sea that is a few meters from a lagoon. Or vice versa, as you prefer. In the case of gringo aristocrats, it amazes me that they have kept their original name in Spanish forever.

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I confess it bluntly: the beauty of sea water shudders me. Its purity. It is light blue on the shore, then it is a blue that becomes more intense where the waves begin and that, finally, turns leaden blue in the distance where the boats travel.

On the clean beach, despite the fact that today is only Tuesday, there are many bathers on their backs, as if it were a Sunday. They are all of legal age. It is natural that this is the case in Palm Beach, because a city of potentates is a city of adults.

What is Mar-a-Lago

In that residential complex, in addition to President Trump, also lives the Japanese sculptor Yoko Ono, the widow of the immortal John Lennon, one of the founders of The Beatles, no less.

The people who are going to live in Palm Beach are so rich that that population, although it only has 8,500 residents, has become one of the places with the highest per capita income in the entire United States.

In turn, the Mar-a-Lago sector, which is within the perimeter of Palm Beach, has become a retreat for celebrities, millionaires, renowned artists, established athletes and members of the nobility who come from different parts of the world . That is precisely why more than half of its population is over 65 years of age. By telling them that only one percent of its inhabitants are between eighteen and twenty-two years old.

He decided to convert the monumental palace that Dona Marjorie had built into his alternate residence to spend the rest periods and weekends.

People live convinced that Mar-a-Lago is the name of the whole complex. The reality is that almost a hundred years ago, when the main house was inaugurated, it was the only one with that name. It was after the arrival of the Trump family, in 1985, when journalists extended the name to the entire condominium.
It is better if you allow me to continue telling the story so that we can understand each other. There I go.

A 126-room house

The construction of such a house, as I have already said, was completed almost a hundred years ago, around 1925, by the wealthy and famous heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. The purpose of that lady of rank was that presidents, the kings of some European nations and renowned personalities from all over the world would visit her there.

However, no one of that size passed by. So when Doña Marjorie died in 1973, her family gave the mansion to the national patrimony of the United States, so that it would become a vacation retreat for the leaders. But, once again, no ruler appeared in those places.

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Faced with this, the nation gave the house back to his family, who, 35 years ago, sold it to a wealthy, troublesome, and picturesque real estate entrepreneur named Donald Trump, who was, among all those aspiring to stay with that palace, the one that least seemed that it would one day reach the Presidency of the United States. And he was the only one who came. So that you can see what life is like.

The lot where the construction was done has a full hectare. Ten thousand square meters. And that house, hold on, originally had 126 rooms. It looked like a whole town.

Hotel or golf club?

The full truth has now come out. Trump’s purpose, when he acquired the Mar-a-Lago mansion, was not to make it his recreation home or his vacation retreat to warm up a bit during the long North American winters. Although he doesn’t need much to warm up either.

His intention, like everything else he has undertaken in his life, was to do business. At first he thought it was a good idea to transform such a palace into a country hotel. But his company advisers convinced him, rather, to turn the place into a private club for potentates who play golf.

They did so. They bought the neighboring lots, built new houses, built gyms and restaurants, special rooms for guests, expanded the golf course, and that beautiful ranch became a place for the wealthy.

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Until the year of 2017 arrived and the Americans elected Donald Trump as the new president of their country. So he decided to convert the monumental palace that Dona Marjorie had built into his alternate residence to spend the rest periods and weekends.

The brawl breaks out

And then the neighborhood rally was formed. It turns out that 27 years ago, when they finished building the club, the municipal authorities of Palm Beach let investors know that, according to legal regulations, no partner could make the condominium their permanent residence, or stay there for more than three weeks a year, as it is only a resting place.

However, with the end of his presidential term approaching, Trump finally accepted his defeat and announced the handover of power to his adversaries. When journalists asked him where he would go to live, he announced that he would move with his family, full time, to the summer home in Mar-a-Lago.

That’s when Troy burned, as it was said in classical antiquity. The former president of the United States himself was violating the mandates of the law. And, saying and doing, he ordered the area of ​​his house to be fenced with new gardens, he put thicker and wider walls, he reinforced the surveillance with sentry boxes and armed guards.

Immediately the other owners began their protests, so that, when the truck caravan arrived with Trump’s move, which was already coming with his family on the way from Washington to Mar-a-Lago, what they found was angry people with the move of the new neighbor.

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Even, in some sectors of the condominium, signs that read ‘Get out of here’ and similar phrases, some of heavy caliber, appeared hanging at dawn. As journalism consists of telling the complete truth, it is also fair to recognize that other posters welcomed the former president. The truth is that, on his own account, a neighborhood issue had become a fiery political debate between opponents and Trump supporters.


Mar-a-Lago’s houses now have a luxurious Caribbean architectural style, a mixture of opulence and tropical nature. Each house is a palace. Or a mansion, rather, because the facades have the appearance of old, but you can see that they have been recently aged.

Red flowers burst through the bushes. Security patrols guard every street. When we go out, back to Miami, it is sparkling, which is how they say beautifully in my Colombian Caribbean territory when the first sparks of rain begin to fall.

I imagine Trump must be locked in his room.

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