Home Run Production Continues With Slide

Home Run Production Continues With Slide

“Fear is the greatest obstacle.” Nick Vujcic Preacher “

Khalil Ashe In the 2021-22 tournament, he had 109 total home runs: Gigantes 25, Estrellas 24, Aguilas 18, Lissi 17, Escoguido 15, Toros 10 in a 40-game season. Individual leadership was won by Juan Francisco, Gigantes with 4. Adellin Rodriguez (Chosen One) and Marcel Ozuna (Giants).

For the 2022-23 tournament, dedicated to the eternal Tomas Troncoso, production in a 50-game season has similar projections. The home run lead going into the game yesterday Sunday was four by Aguilas’ Yoenis Cespedes. Kelvin Gutierrez of the Giants. Michael Perez of the Eagles and Wonder Riho of the Bulls.


Carlos Peguero is the last player in the 2011-12 Giants’ Flannel to have a double-digit home run lead: 11.

In his first championship from October 23, 1955 to February 5, 1956, from October 23, 1955 to February 5, 1956, he hit 43 home runs (17 for Escogido, 12 for Lisi, 10 for Aguilas Sibaenhas). books, Estrellas Orientales 4) were recorded. Ball on fence of Trujillo stadium. At the San Pedro de Macoris Stadium, Dominica’s Alfredo Chico Contón and Bienvenido Bel Arias were chartered one each from Stars, while Walter James was chartered from Leones del Escogido.

The first home run at Trujillo Stadium was on Monday, October 24, 1955, by Aguilas Sibaenhas’ American Emil Panco to pitcher Federico Chichi Olivo.

The home run leader for the 1955-56 tournament was Willie-El Roquito-Kirkland, from Leones del Escodido, who had nine plate appearances in 211 shifts and a frequency of one home run in every 23.44 at-bats.

The first shared home run lead was 4 by Felipe Rojas Arou of Escogido in 1960-61. Jose Vidal Nicolas, Eagles. Manuel Emilio Jimenez, star. Napolás Savignon of Aguilas and Victor Ramírez of Aguilas.

Other tournaments with home run leads tied at 4:

1975-76: Andy Thornton (AC), Bill Nahodrony (LE), Gary Alekander (LE), Gary Thomason (AC), Larry Parish (TL), Wilbur Howard (AC)

1991-92: Francisco Cabrera (EO), Geronimo Velloa (LE), Julian Yang (TE), Kevin Koslowski (TE), Sammy Sosa (LE)

2016-17: Dican Shizens (AC), Marco Hernández (L), Ramon Torres (GC), Lis Hoskins (GC)

2018-19: Juan Francisco (left), Junior Lake (EO), Reynel Rosario (AC)

days like today

1956: The Baseball League announces its first Ladies’ Day, with free bleachers and entering preferences, in a game between Laici and Estrellas at Trujillo Stadium.

1977: Winston Renas of Las Aguilas hits the 700th of his Dominican baseball career with a single against Jose Alcantara of Lisi pitching. The Eagles won 11-5.

1986: Aguilas del Cibao defeats the Stars 6-4. Cecilio Guante pitched in the 9th inning, recording his 30th save.

1989: El Escoguido defeats the Eagles 5-3. Luis de los Santos and Rufino Linares lead the Red Attack.

2013: After sweeping the 2013 World Baseball Classic, the Dominican Republic national team players finally made it to the streets of Santo Domingo for the Champions Parade, eight months behind schedule. I received their ring.

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