Honduras Does Not React And Is Falling Against Curaçao In The Olympic Stadium For The League Of Nations!


– REST! Honduras loses it to Curaçao with a goal by Leandro Bacuna at the Olympic stadium.

45+2′ Honduras ends the first half badly. It did not generate a clear goal. They were lukewarm attempts.


45+1′ Shot by Elson Hooy that sought to surprise Fonseca. The Honduran team is falling apart. The first half is over!

45′ Two more minutes are added.

44′ Foul on Pinto in the core and Honduras breathes. Curaçao advances easily when he has the ball.

42′ It seems that Quito does not understand Pinto. The Honduran team looks tired.

40 ‘Quioto hits him badly. The captain was looking for the center, but the ball goes over the goal.

38 & # 39; You begin to hear whistles and boos in the stands by the fans.

37′ Well, nothing, Arriaga’s shot has no effect. The Bicolor has to react.

36′ Free kick for Honduras and prepares to shoot.

22 & # 39; Arriaga was looking for Bengtson, but the striker was long.

21 & # 39; He cleared the defense of Curaçao and went against Kuwas. Deybi Flores cuts and there is a corner for the visit.

20′ Free kick for Honduras. Edwin Rodriguez prepares.

19′ Shot by Edwin Rodríguez that crashes into the defense. Honduras already wants to open the scoring.

18 & # 39; The National Team is only attacking for Maylor’s death. On the side of Decas there is no danger.

16 ‘It was just the scare. Arriaga already enters the field of play.

15 & # 39; Kervin has to leave on a stretcher. Looks like he hurt his right shoulder.

14 & # 39; Kervin Arriaga is hurt. Leandro Bacuna went to the ball, but the Honduran fell ill and had to receive medical assistance.

12′ Ball that was looking for Janga and Fonseca has to leave his area to clear.

10′ The ‘H’ still hasn’t reacted after Curaçao’s two attempts.

9 & # 39; Corner for the view and the Honduran defense takes the risk.

8 ‘Yellow card for Denil Maldonado for a foul against Bacuna. The first warning of the match.

7 & # 39; WOW! Juninho Bacuna’s shot inside the area that passes close by. He turns to save the Bicolor.

6 & # 39; It can be seen that Curaçao is comfortable in the Olympic.

5′ Shot by José Mario Pinto that went up.

4 & # 39; Shaky game at this start. Honduras seeks to arrive on the right wing.

3 & # 39; Maylor center that Bengtson cannot connect. Quito was looking for them later, but clears the defense.

2 & # 39; He has gone out with the entire Caribbean team, which has been pressing since the start.

1′ HONDURAS IS SAVED! First arrival of the visiting team and the shot hits the post. Rangelo Janga wanted to score in the dressing room.

– START THE GAME! Honduras is facing Curaçao in the Olympic stadium.

– Both squads greet each other and we are about to start the match.

– And now the national anthems are sung. Curaçao begins and then Honduras.

8:00 PM- Both teams leave the lawn of the Olympic stadium.

7:55 PM – Fans faithful to the ‘H’ in the stadium. To be a Monday and with the threat of rain, we believe that they have responded.

7:50 PM – The players return to the dressing rooms after warm-up and everything is ready for the game.

7:45 PM – Attendance at a minimum at the Olympic. Few fans in the stands.

7:40 PM – There are 20 minutes left until kick-off. The rain has stopped in San Pedro Sula. But it is forecast that there may be precipitation at game time.

7:35 PM – ‘Buba’ López is a substitute tonight for a muscular recharge, according to sources that confirmed it to DIEZ.

7:30 PM – Romell Quioto has become the captain of the Bicolor.

7:20 PM – ‘Buba’ López starts as a substitute against the Caribbean team. The goalkeeper went out on the field with his teammates, but did not warm up.

7:10 PM – Curaçao’s starting 11 confirmed.

– The great novelty in the ‘H’ is goalkeeper Harold Fonseca, who will play in place of ‘Buba’ López. The rest is the same lineup that Vázquez used in Curaçao.

7:05 PM – Confirmed the 11th starter of Honduras: Harold Fonseca; Maylor Nunez, Denil Maldonado, Carlos Melendez, Wesly Decas; Deybi Flores, Kervian Arriaga, Edwin Rodríguez, José Mario Pinto; Jerry Bentgson and Romell Quito.

7:00 PM – We’re only an hour away from kickoff.

6:55 PM – Right now the catracha team arrives at the Olympic.

6:50 PM – Meanwhile, the Bicolor still hasn’t arrived at the building.

6:40 PM – The Curaçao team is already at the Olympic stadium.

6:30 PM – Few fans in the stands of the Sampedrano venue when there is an hour and a half to go before the match.

6:00 PM – The stadium field was covered by a large canvas due to the rains that fall in the Industrial City.

The Honduran National Team faces Curaçao tonight at the Olympic Stadium (8:00 PM) for the second date of the Concacaf Nations League.

Diego Vázquez’s team struck first last Friday for the minimum thanks to the only goal from José Mario Pinto. However, that game was not the best of the national team, despite the victory and it is expected that today in San Pedro Sula they can change the image and beat the Caribbean forcefully.



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