Hong Kong Police Seized a Gun Shortly Before Demonstration

Hong Kong, Dec 8 (EFE) .- The Hong Kong Police arrested 11 people today and seized various weapons, including a gun, shortly before the start of a demonstration called this Sunday in the city, the first expected massive since the victory of the pro-democratic movement in the last district elections.

At a televised press conference, the superintendent of the organized crime fighting department, Li Kwai-wah, said the intention of the detainees "was to use the gun to create chaos" during today's protest.

"Including shooting our agents or holding them accountable after harming innocent walkers," Kwai-wah said.


This is the first time a firearm is seized in the six months of protests in the city.

In addition to the 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, the police also seized 105 rounds, knives, sabers, batons, pepper spray and firecrackers during the raid today.

The superintendent reported that the detainees are 8 men and three women between the ages of 20 and 63 and that they are all part of a group that was sought in connection with the launching of Molotov cocktails against the Mong Kok District Police Station last October 20.

The Civil Front of Human Rights, the organization responsible for the great marches in the city, has convened for today a demonstration that is expected to be the most massive since the sweeping victory of the pro-democratic movement in the district elections two weeks ago.

Tomorrow, Monday, six months have elapsed since the first protest in Hong Kong against the extradition bill to China and other countries.

Although the project has already been withdrawn, protesters' requests have been extended in demand for universal suffrage and against further intervention by mainland China in the semi-autonomous city.

The demonstrations were peaceful at the beginning but over time they have become radicalized and many end up in violent clashes with the Police.

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