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Horacio Pancheri Removes All Trace Of Marimar Vega On Instagram, Are They Finished?

They stopped following each other on networks and he erased all traces of their courtship

Horacio Pancheri and Marimar Vega would have ended their courtship. The Mexican and the Argentine stopped following each other on Instagram and Horacio eliminated all traces of their romance, which has led his followers to suppose that they have separated.

Despite the fact that until now neither Horacio nor Marimar have confirmed or denied this version, versions of thunder are already running on social networks.

The separation would be a real surprise, because just a few weeks ago (at the beginning of January) Horacio got three tattoos in honor of the actress.

In a series of Instagram stories shared by the tattoo artist Andrea Nash, who was in charge of doing the work, the entire process is observed in detail, from the design to the final result, with which he was amazed.

“The two pretty girls in my skin, finally,” the famous man is heard saying as he shows the words ‘Chata’, the dog’s name, and ‘China’ on his forearm, as he fondly says to Marimar Vega.

Proud of his relationship with Marimar, the actor recently spoke about the importance of sharing every moment of his life with his partner, whom he said he admired not only for her external beauty, but also for her essence.

“She is a beautiful woman physically and internally she is an angel and I don’t know what I would do without her, the truth is that she supports me, guides me, I learn a lot from her advice,” she declared in an interview for Televisa Espectáculos. “As a couple we grew a lot,” he added.

In addition to their love for their career, Horacio and Marimar have another point in common, since they are both passionate about travel and recently made another of their dreams come true: to visit French Polynesia, where the actress celebrated her 37th birthday in August past.

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