Horoscopes From February 17 To 23

What the stars say about you.



January 20 to February 18

Open your eyes because even when some situations seem labyrinthine, there are more possibilities than you will get to perceive at a first glance. The key is that you give yourself a few minutes of tantrums or drama, then catch up with things, accept them and show a mature attitude. If you need to relieve yourself and take perspective, leave the weekend somewhere quiet where you can reflect. In romance, let go of the expectations of the past and enjoy what there is.



May 21 to June 20

You are asked to try to see an old problem with fresh eyes, because your usual methods on this occasion will not serve you, and in fact it will be convenient for you to set aside individualism to join forces and work as a team. Luckily, you will be festive and invite you to fun events and plans that will connect you with life in a positive way, so let yourself be seen and laugh as much as possible. In love, things with your prospect, gallant, gallant or partner will tend to grow and strengthen.



September 23 to October 22

Put everything you do your unique touch, because you are in the sights of your bosses or power figures and any extra effort you make, will be noticed and well paid. There is a situation that seems harmless, but there is something that does not beat you… instead of moving forward, stop, stop paying attention to the noise around you and give credit to your inner voice. In love you should show your most generous side, to enjoy more next to your partner or dazzle that prospect you love.