Horoscopes From February 24 To March 2

Horoscopes From March 23 To 29

What the stars say about you.



March 21 to April 19

Through different experiences, what life wants is for you to focus not only on your well-being, but also on that of the community. Generate reflective days to understand that, as humanity, we are all on the same cruise ship called “Earth”. In love it is about accepting the other person with their lights and shadows, as you need them to accept you. And if you’re looking for romance, open up to meet someone who may not be your type, but who will open you to new horizons.



July 23 to August 22

The challenge of the moment is that you analyze what is going on with your most important relationships, so that you can open your eyes regarding their true status, check what your contribution is and if they are still viable in the way they are planned. The key is to stop clinging to old formulas, accept things as they are and stop trying to get along with just who is limiting your way of being. Focus on being you in all your splendor and from there you adjust the dynamics of your relationships.



November 22 to December 21

These days pay attention to your way of expressing yourself because your message will greatly influence the perspective and decisions of other people; take responsibility for your words, learn well and communicate with sensitivity. Take advantage of these days to reinforce your knowledge on those topics that interest you. In love and romance, apply all that you know and have learned from your past relationships to maintain the quality of your current relationship. And try not to think as much or over-analyze things.