Hospital Ship Arrives In Los Angeles With 1,000 Support Beds

Los Angeles – The 1,000-bed Mercy hospital ship of the US Navy docked this Friday in Los Angeles with 800 professionals to assist health workers during the new coronavirus crisis.

The ship will house patients who do not have COVID-19, in an attempt to free beds from regional hospitals so they can care for coronavirus patients, the Armed Forces have said, as well as people who are already hospitalized in Los Angeles County. and that they will be transferred to the boat.

The Mercy ship arrives after California Governor Gavin Newsom warned this week that the state will need 50,000 hospital beds for coronavirus patients.


The USNS Mercy, one of the Navy’s two 1,000 hospital bed ships, was originally expected to go to the Seattle region, one of the most affected in the nation, but Newsom pleaded with President Donald Trump to send it to Los Angeles. .

In a Pentagon briefing on Monday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper argued that it was the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that ultimately determined the fate of the ship, which is normally located in San Diego. (California). In this sense, FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor explained that his forecasts point to California needing more medical attention in the coming weeks than the northwestern state of Washington.

“Although there are more cases right now in Washington, California’s projected bed needs are five times more than Washington’s,” he said in a statement released by the Navy.

The other Armed Forces ship with the same capacity, the USNS Comfort, will head to New York in April from its base port in Norfolk, Virginia, because it is currently undergoing maintenance, according to authorities. In addition to the displacement of these two vessels, Trump announced additional resources for the state of Washington this Sunday, including four federal medical stations with 250 beds and three with 750. So far there have been 1,216 cases of contagion and 21 deaths in Los County. Angeles by COVID-19, according to official data, while in California as a whole there are more than 3,000 confirmed cases and 65 deaths. EFE News



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