How Did Adele Lose All Her Weight

The Sirtfood diet has become the diet of the moment and is the same one that Pippa Middleton followed.  Now it goes to say that she didn’t only use this diet to lose weight so we’ll give the other two methods she used to accomplish this miracle transformation

Sirtfood Diet

This diet has become very popular with celebrities in the UK and is rumored to be followed by ‘celebrities’ such as Madonna , Pippa Middleton and Daniel Craig and promises a weight loss of three kilos per week .

The Sirfood diet doesn’t seem like the healthiest in the world, but it seems that Adele has worked


Many began to call it the new “miracle diet” that allowed Adele to lose more than 45 kilos and put on a dazzling appearance that she revealed in the middle of this year. It is the sirtfood diet that has gained thousands of followers since it became known as the ace under the singer’s sleeve, however, there are those who are applying it wrong and now the creators of the eating plan wanted to make some clarifications.

Aidan Goggins chatted with the Insider portal and said that people are becoming obsessed with calorie restriction. But the goal of the sirtfood diet is in fact to understand how this food group is an indicator of the body of when to consume them and to what extent.“There is so much focus on food that you shouldn’t be eating, cutting calories and making people afraid to eat. But you only get the benefits of food by eating it, so it has always been an inclusive diet, ” said.

Pilates Reformer

At the exercise level, Adele has resorted to the Pilates Reformer, a modality of pilates that is practiced with a machine that helps to perfect the sessions and enhance the result. And, according to sources cited by The Sun, Adele has loved this new type of training.

Thanks to this machine, it is also possible to mitigate back pain , correct posture, improve the abdominal area and the pelvic floor and strengthen muscles, among many other benefits.

Training videos . As revealed by the British newspaper, Adele has been hooked on the high intensity training videos of Joe Wicks and has been training at home following the advice of this personal trainer.

At the same time, he has also followed the recommendations of another popular trainer, Dalton Wong , who helps actors get in shape for their roles . “Adele is not one of those who exercises in front of others, so she follows the regimes and training plans at home , using videos and tutorials,” various sources point out.

Less sugar

Goodbye to tea. Adele has always recognized her addiction to tea, from which she was able to drink ten cups a day , with their corresponding sugar cubes, which, according to her calculations amounted to a total of 20 a day . In a desperate attempt to reduce her sugar intake, the singer has given up this hot drink and has acknowledged “having more energy than ever .”

“Adele does not exercise in front of others, she trains at home, using videos and tutorials”

Weightlifting. Despite the fact that Adele is not a big fan of gyms , the British singer has admitted that she likes to lift weights “although not looking in the mirror” since “blood vessels explode in my face very easily”.

Health and happiness. After her traumatic divorce from Simon Konecki , with whom she had been in the relationship for seven years, she has stopped drinking and smoking and wants to focus on living happily without becoming too obsessed with her physical appearance . “I have problems with my body image, sure, but I don’t let them rule my life at all.”

Adele Before And After Diet 2020


Adele Before And After Diet 2020

Now what does science say about Adele’s date ? It is focused on foods that activate a protein called sirtuin that is present in blueberries, strawberries, red wine, and even dark chocolate. Evidence suggests that sirtuin works on metabolism by mimicking fasting or exercise and better yet, researchers believe it could have benefits in extending a person’s lifespan.

On the other hand, Aidan Goggins said the promising research behind the sirtfoods diet is important because it belies conventional nutritional wisdom that all calories are equal. As if it were a set of buildable furniture, the expert compares the components of the food with the instructions behind it to achieve the objectives. He said polyphenols and sirtuins can be the “instructors” in metabolism, making sure that the body uses calories efficiently.

“The real message is the concept that nutrients can communicate with our cells and improve their function.We are missing nature’s pharmacy if we only focus on calories and what we shouldn’t eat, ”he added in the same talk. In the long list of foods that can be consumed to obtain enzymes are 20 “superfoods” that, although approved by science, will not cause any effect if certain requirements are not met in the rest of the diet or the plan of training.

What Diet Did Adele Do

Adele followed a diet called “Sirtfood” it comes from sirtuins that stimulate longevity, therefore, food components can inhibit or accelerate the expression of these genes: “With a caloric restriction Sirtuins will be improved or expression will be improved, but all treatments must be personalized and, whether to improve quality of life or to lose weight, you have to look at the whole context ”.

The founders of the Sirtfood diet consider green juice a key component (Shutterstock)
The founders of the Sirtfood diet consider green juice a key component (Shutterstock)


This method was created by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten based on polyphenols, compounds found in plant foods that can mimic the effects of fasting and exercise. In his book The Sirtfood diet where they explain the two phases to carry out this method:

The three-week plan involves an initial seven-day phase, followed by phase two, which is two weeks of “maintenance.”

One of the key components of this diet is green juice. Those who follow this diet have to consume it up to three times a day. This juice is important for phase one, which is designed to drive weight loss. It involves restricting calories to just a thousand per day. In the last three days of that initial week, calorie intake increases to 1,500 per day, so you can add two more meals and consume only two juices.

In phase two, dieters can enjoy three sirtfood-rich meals and one sirtfood green juice a day, instead of observing the calorie count. According to the founders, you must constantly lose weight throughout the plan.

The singer had already surprised her followers (Shutterstock)
The singer had already surprised her followers (Shutterstock)

In the book, the authors provide the sirtfood recipes to carry out this diet. Among them, the recipe for green juice which they baptized as “rocket fuel”:

-75 grams of kale

-30 grams of arugula

-5 grams of parsley

-2 celery sticks

-1 cm ginger

-Half green apple

-Half lemon

-Half tablespoon of matcha green tea

Using a blender, mix all the ingredients except the green tea powder and the lemon, and pour them into a glass. Squeeze the lemon by hand, mix the lemon juice and green tea powder.

For her part, Agustina Murcho (MN7888), a graduate in Nutrition specialized in eating disorders, said that nutrients must be incorporated into the body every day, because it is useless to do a week with few nutrients and another week with others: ” Consume 1000 Calories is less than the basal metabolism, which is what one spends at rest, therefore, slows down the metabolism and makes the body have to save energy because what it is given is very little. ”

“Both to improve the patient’s quality of life or to lose weight, you cannot work with a single gene like sirtuins, but you have to look at the entire genomic metabolic context in order to work with everyone. It is important that people go to a health professional before starting any treatment, “said Ponce, a Nutrigenomics specialist.

How Much Weight Has Adele Lost

The popular British singer and songwriter, 31, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, better known as ‘ Adele ‘, has once again surprised everyone after losing a total of 40 pounds.

The singer wore an incredible and healthy figure at the Canadian rapper Drake’s birthday party and in an Instagram post she congratulated the artist with a joke in which she gave certain clues about how she had managed to lose weight . ” I got used to crying, but now I sweat, ” he noted.

But how has Adele managed to lose weight in recent months? From The Sun newspaper they tell us the secrets of the British singer , which are the result of the combination of various strategies .



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