How Did The Coronavirus Outbreak Become Global In Two Months?

Coronavirus mortality rate increases 0:45

(WAB NEWS) – The new coronavirus began in December in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. Now, it has spread to 40 other countries and territories, has killed more than 2,000 people in the world, mostly in mainland China, and is already on every continent. Check out how we got here:

December 8: The first patient develops symptoms of coronavirus in Wuhan.


December 31: the first cases of viruses reported to the World Health Organization (WHO).

January 1: The seafood and wildlife market in Wuhan, where the outbreak is believed to have originated, closes to disinfect it.

January 7: Chinese authorities confirm that they have identified the virus as a new coronavirus

First case of coronavirus confirmed in Brazil 6:02

January 9: The first person dies of the virus, although his death was not announced until January 11.

January 13: Thai authorities denounce their first case: a Chinese citizen who had arrived from Wuhan.

January 16: Japanese authorities confirm their first case.

January 21: US officials confirm their first case.

How do you get the coronavirus? 1:54

January 23: Wuhan is locked up and the Lunar New Year celebrations are canceled in the main Chinese cities. Around 60 million people are affected by blockages and travel restrictions in other parts of China. WHO says the virus is not yet a public health emergency of international concern

January 28: The death toll exceeds 100. The number of confirmed cases in mainland China exceeds the fatal outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003.

January 30: WHO declares a public health emergency of international interest.

MIRA: All continents have reported cases of coronavirus

February 2: A Chinese man dies in the Philippines, the first death from coronavirus outside of China.

February 4: The Diamond Princess cruise ship is docked in quarantine in Yokohama Bay of Japan with more than 3,700 people on board.

February 6: the death toll exceeds 500 worldwide.

February 7: Chinese whistleblower Li Wenliang, who was the target of Wuhan police, dies of the coronavirus. Chinese social networks are flooded with pain, anger and demand freedom of expression.

February 8: The US embassy in Beijing confirms that a US citizen died in Wuhan on February 6, marking the first confirmed death of a non-Chinese citizen.

Company claims to have the coronavirus vaccine 0:34

February 11: the death toll exceeds 1,000 worldwide. WHO names the coronavirus COVID-19.

February 15: the first death by coronavirus in Europe is confirmed.

February 17: In the early hours of the morning, American passengers at the Diamond Princess leave Japan in an evacuation aircraft chartered by the United States.

February 20: The death toll exceeds 2,000 worldwide.

February 23: Cases in South Korea increase by more than 600 after several hundred new infections were reported in 48 hours, with more than half of the cases linked to a branch of a religious group. Italy also sees a peak: cases increase from three to 152 during the same weekend.

MIRA: Modern biotechnology company says its coronavirus vaccine is ready for initial tests

February 26: The Brazilian Health Minister confirmed Wednesday that a 61-year-old Brazilian man who arrived in Sao Paulo after traveling to Italy is the first case of a new coronavirus in Brazil. It is the first case in Latin America.



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