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The political trial against Donald Trump
I could start next Tuesday. The head of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, hopes to open the session with a vote to establish the rules of the game. Approving them will only require a simple majority. According to McConnell, a draft resolution that the 53 Republican senators are willing to support provides for a framework very similar to the one applied to judge Clinton over 20 years ago.

At that time, the senators agreed to: meet every afternoon; dedicate the first three days to the arguments of the accusatory party, the next three to those of the defense; that the questions be formulated in writing and read by the president of the Supreme Court, among other aspects. They also established that other sensitive matters would be dealt with later and behind closed doors. The most thorny issue has to do with the call of new witnesses, something that Democrats consider fundamental.

The issue could be resolved with a vote that would require a simple majority. To accomplish this, the Democrats would need four Republican senators to support them. While several possibilities are being considered, everything indicates that the trial will end as provided by the Constitution: with a vote of the senators, which will define whether Trump is guilty or not. For that final vote, the Magna Carta requires a special two-thirds majority. The Republican majority in the upper house is expected to acquit the Republican president.




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