How Is Luisana Lopilato Prepared For Valentine’s Day? Bublé Trembles!

Luisana Lopilato is one of the goddesses of our country who has achieved international fame, since several years ago she fell in love and formed a beautiful family with Michael Bublé, the successful Canadian actor.

The dear couple met while recording a video clip in Argentina of one of the artist’s songs, while the famous figure It was the girl who fell in love with him. However, that fiction became reality and now they are very happy. Related News Fruit of their love were born Noah, Elías and Vida, their three children whom we usually see in each concert accompanying their dad, while the artist She also usually occupies the first seats to enjoy her husband’s talent.

At the end of last year, a new proposal will completely change the life of the actress and her family. As the blonde announced, it will be part of the theatrical version of “Married with children”, the television series that was all the rage in our country. For that, the Argentine goddess must leave her home next to Bublé and assemble the suitcases to settle again in Buenos Aires with their children. Of course, it will be a great test for everyone, since the distance is a lot, but surely there will be a chance to see each other from time to time.


Now, Luisana surprised her more than four million followers on Instagram, telling how she prepares for Valentine’s Day, such a special date for couples. Are you planning something special to surprise the musician?

“Walking through this beautiful city I saw this spot ❤ and I could not help but take a picture with so little left for Valentine 🙌🏼,” said Lopilato. We want details of what this day will be! What will Michael play with?