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The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, sleeps in a room different from that of her husband, President Donald Trump, and sometimes feels relegated by Ivanka's preponderant role, the result of the president's marriage to his first wife, Ivana, CNN journalist Kate Bennett explains in her book Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography.

In his work, which goes on sale this Tuesday in the USA. In the US, Bennett, who covers the White House and matters related to the first lady, reveals the interiors of Melania's life and sheds light on her relationship with her husband and with Ivanka.

'Own bedroom'


Melania Trump lives in her own rooms inside the White House, something that makes the presidential couple one of the few who have not shared a bedroom, according to the CNN chain journalist in her work.

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The first lady not only does her day-to-day work in rooms other than those attended by Donald Trump, but also decided to place herself on a different floor than her husband's.

The book describes the discomforts related to living in this historic building, and although the residence occupies more than 9,000 square meters, the wife of the commander in chief can not walk through the gardens of the complex when she pleases, open a window without the authorization of the Secret Service or regulate the thermostat at will.

A powerful voice in the west wing

Melania Trump has more power than she actually appears in the west wing of the White House, where the offices of the Executive branch are located. For example, Bennett points out that the first lady was directly responsible for the dismissal of Mira Ricardel, deputy national security adviser to Trump, after both women had their quarrels on the trip of the president's wife to Africa in 2018.

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, on her trip to Egypt.


Carlo Allegri Reuters

In November last year, the White House announced the departure of the counselor after the first lady's office openly requested her dismissal.

According to the media, Ricardel confronted the first lady's staff about an issue related to Melania's trip to Africa: The Wall Street Journal reported that Melania also suspected that Ricardel had leaked negative stories about her and her Press team.

The first lady was also responsible – the book says – that the White House decided to do without in 2017 the head of the Angella Reid Service, who was responsible for overseeing the administrative activities of the presidential mansion.

Tense calm between Melania and Ivanka

The relationship between Donald Trump's wife and Ivanka Trump is not as friendly as before the family's landing at the White House, Free sources, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography, sources from the first lady's environment.

Despite the apparent cordial relationship that both women share, the unprecedented and unofficial figure of 'first daughter' that Ivanka occupies bothers Melania, Bennett argues, as she sometimes feels relegated to the background and has caused some drama within the family.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the US president. UU., Donald Trump.


Mauricio Moreno TIME

That tension was exemplified when Melania wore a raincoat from Zara with the controversial message "I really don't care, do u?" (I really don't care, (and) you?) during a visit to the Mexican border in June 2018 to immigrant juvenile detention centers.

In Bennett's opinion, it was a message addressed to Ivanka: "I believe, and I still do, that the raincoat was a dart (directed) to Ivanka and his almost constant attempts to link to the Administration's positive points," writes the journalist.

The dog that was not

A curious and apparently irrelevant anecdote that the author reveals, and that demonstrates the influence that the first lady has on the president of the United States. UU., Is the fact that, at the request of Melania, the Trump were about to buy a dog for the presidential residence despite the well-known aversion of the head of state towards pets and his phobia of germs in general.

Bennett says that this desire was so close to materialize that Melania was even finding out details about breeds and the care a dog requires. Finally, the family decided that the man's best friend had no place in their hearts, or at least in their home.




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