How Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Celebrate Their First Anniversary In Quarantine

Quarantine will not be an impediment for the couple to celebrate their first year of marriage

The May 1, 2019 , a few hours after attending the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner they surprisingly became husband and wife thanks to a ceremony officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator.


Almost a year has passed since then and in quarantine, the couple prepares to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Joe Jonas told the show The Late Late Show with James Corden his plans to celebrate this first year of marriage in a big way.

“I think we would have returned to Las Vegas. So if you can keep a secret, I would say that I could try to recreate Las Vegas in our house,” said the member of the pop group Jonas Brothers.

But that’s not all and the plans Joe They go much further, because in addition to the recreation of Las Vegas, you will also have a fit party, with everything and music from the club. “I have a complete DJ console. We could do like a night club, “said the singer.

Maybe so much celebration might sound exaggerated, but not for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Who, when they were dating, literally celebrated everything.

“We used to be the couple that we celebrated every few days. So, if we had been going out for a week, we would have a party or a big dinner. We had been for a month … and we were that nauseating couple. Now, I think we have relaxed a lot,” he said. Joe Jonas.

But maybe with this closure I will change them a bit and they will celebrate again in a big date as important as the first wedding anniversary.