How Long To Wait To Exercise After Healing From Covid-19? Doctors Explain If It Is Recommended | Wake Up America Shows

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we have a letter question



“Hello, I had covid 19 I would like

know what time I must

wait to start doing


marlow: well, good question.

to the patients in the

hospital and it’s over three o

four days when I attend them

I put them to do some kind of

physical therapy. I’m not going to

put a maraón to run or

beers, but you have to do

exercise that is very important

to prevent pictures in the

legs, keep the tone

muscular, keep our

metabolism. must be done

exercise and sleep. by

that is very important for him

immune system. I gave them

that depending on your situation

there is no plan that I applied for

everyone but if not

we have significant intomas

below the neck, if not

we have air that significant

or a cough that is killing us,

I think it can be done

aerobic exercise, 20 minutes

initial little by little. it is

important to do that minutes 4

times a week you can

start from when you arrive at

home depending on the intoma.

if they have resolved a great

way we can start small

ace. we can wait two or three

so we feel better

to exercise harder

but at least we can

walk, use a machine with

hands do some

exercise with other feet. there are

many things that can


Juan: very good, let me see if

I have time to answer that

question that comes from

cisneros 921.

I can travel your flight of three

time I have diabetes controlled,

do I have pressure?

all ends to see from

a risk point of view, yeah

you have to go for a topic

family, you have to wear a

ascara n95

do not take it off in any

part of the flight. even for

go to the bathroom or to eat. about

to protect your eyes with

lenses. clean your area very well

disinfects. while you are

people on that flight follow the

much lower rules for the whole

world. where the person does not

follow the precautions of