How Much Battery Do You Save When You Put Your Phone In Dark Mode

One of the aspects that most interest the users of any phone is the battery life. Especially since the devices have become a tool to carry out activities so diverse that they go beyond their main function: to telephone.

Thus, watching series, videos, making video calls, answering messages, seeking information for a school assignment and for our work, are some of the things we do most with our cell phones.

And in order to do them we all have to be sure that our device has sufficient battery performance.


Therefore, the recommendations for saving battery are different. One of them is to use the dark mode on the screen of our cell phones, especially cell phones with oled screens. Which will also give a touch of elegance, or at least that's what thousands of users consider it.

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In addition to energy saving, another benefit of using dark mode is the greater contrast of colors in the display of content, as it allows some to be perceived more intense and deeper.

Dark mode is available on both cell phones with iOS operating system and those with Android.

The mechanism of how the dark mode works is as follows: when activated, the pixels go out and the use of battery is lower. That is why the battery would last us, in theory, more hours than if we have the screen in normal mode.

To confirm it, in the PhoneBuff channel they were given the task of testing with two iPhone XS Max: one in normal mode and the other with the dark mode activated.

The test consisted of using both devices with applications such as Twitter, Google Maps, Apple messaging and YouTube, until the batteries were zero.

The conclusion of the 'challenge' was that after 7 hours and a half, the phone in normal mode stopped working due to lack of battery.

On the other hand, the one that had the dark mode activated, remained in operation for more than 9 continuous hours, which means that the battery lasts around 30% longer than the normal mode.

This difference in performance should be similar to Android devices, although everything depends on each battery.