How The Audiovisual Adventure Bought The Rights Of ‘Parasites’ After Reading The Script

At a time when our billboard seems increasingly the private and exclusive party of a handful of communication groups, nobody would have predicted that the Spanish distribution of the Oscar-winning film for Best Film (and three other important statuettes) would fall into Hands of a small business in Barcelona. But that was the case: The company is called The Audiovisual Adventure, and the dawn of last Sunday its two founders did not give credit to what they saw.The founders of the company followed live the delivery of the Oscars that granted 4 important statuettes to their film . (Image: © The Audiovisual Adventure) More “An Oscar is worth, two good, but… the Oscar for Best Film! It was something that a company as small as ours could not even imagine, ”José Tito confesses to El Periódico. Their enthusiasm is not for less, because neither they nor almost anyone bet that Parasites would also win the awards for Best Foreign Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director for Bong Joon-ho. And much less when he and his partner Ferran Herranz acquired the distribution rights of the Korean tape … without it being finished! It was at the Berlin Festival of 2019 when they asked Bong Joon-ho’s sales agent to read the script of the mysterious film that was not finished at the time (and there was no indication that he was going to participate in the Cannes Festival): “He gave it to us. It was that of Parasites. We stay stone. We had never read a script that good or far. It was exceptional. ”The reality would endorse the good judgment (and taste) of Tito and Herranz, who were right to launch the purchase of the rights of parasites prematurely. As it is known, the film began to generate a lot of noise and high expectations even before getting up with the Palme d’Or in Cannes and bursting the French box office. Then the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film and finally the four Oscars would arrive, but by then our protagonists were already certain that they had made the best decision of their lives.The success of Parasites in the awards season, and especially in the Oscar , has generated a mouth-ear that Tito and Herranz hope to take advantage of with the re-release. (Image: © The Audiovisual Adventure) More Nevertheless, Tito and Herranz lived that crucial moment like almost all the spectators of the Oscar gala: each one from his house and commenting on WhatsApp. “We have almost newborn children and, finally, we could not make almost noise,” jokes Tito. Although their hopes skyrocketed when the announcement of the nomination for Best Screenplay of Parasites was received in great applause from the audience, they did not begin to anticipate what was going to happen at the end of the night until Spike Lee presented the Best Director award to Bong Joon-ho Although, to be honest, they played with advantage: they were already staunch followers of the director and his relationship with his work went back years ago … specifically to the company’s own foundation in 2013. “We are very fans of Bong Joon-ho In fact, we already distributed Snowpiercer on its day and now we are preparing a domestic edition of Memories of Murder, “says Tito in reference to Bong’s dystopian blockbuster released in 2013 and his second and acclaimed feature film, respectively.” It’s a case of justice Poetic: It was an aberration that until yesterday had never been nominated for a Korean film, being such a rich and powerful cinematography. ”Yesterday a Korean film, taken to theaters by a tiny independent distributor, reached the top spot of the Box Office by on top of all the premieres of the American majors. PARASITES also makes history in Spain. Thank you all for making it possible.

– The Adventure (@LaAventuraAV) February 12, 2020 Read more On the other hand, the overwhelming success of Parasites in the last season of awards and its culmination in the Oscars has had an unprecedented effect called for a foreign film – only in Spain has already attracted more than 480,000 spectators. “The mouth-ear has been key,” reveals Tito. The truth is that La Aventura has already proved to have a good eye when it is done, despite its small size, with the distribution of titles as relevant and eclectic as the terrifying Bone Tomahawk and Green Room, Alain Resnais classics or the author’s Korean cinema Hong Sang-soo.Now, although Tito and Herranz have well-founded hopes that the success of Parasites and their re-release will help them take their modest distributor to the next level, for now everything is being added tasks: “We are a little overwhelmed. There are to change the posters, include the Oscars, make a new publicity, talk to the cinemas to see how many copies they want … “And, like all the success stories, that of these two distributors has a much bigger effort behind it. you might think.More stories that may interest you: