How The Coronavirus Will Change To Entertainment And Sports

  • In that scenario, there are two winners: Netflix and Disney Plus. On the side of the Los Gatos giant, the growth of the platform registered 15.77 million new subscribers, $ 5.8 trillion ($ 5.8 billion) in revenue and $ 1.6 dollars in earnings per share.

    While studies of the Mickey mouse reached the figure of 50 million users in its first quarter of validity.

    Other platforms appear, such as Quibi and his series experiment in vertical format and of very little duration.

    The absence of movie theaters has gone back in time to bring us a 1950s attraction: drive-ins. In the United States, there are 350 of these establishments, but a larger opening is already foreseen, and in Germany 43 radio frequencies have already been granted for this purpose.

    What does the future hold? Surely the digital entertainment industry will consolidate, that is not a mystery before or after the pandemic, in fact the quarantine has only revealed it more solidly.

    Possibly and for a long time, we should get used to eating popcorn in our living room or in the car. But the story is cyclical and it all goes back to its origins, so it is very likely that sooner rather than later the sweatshirts will return at some massive concert in a stadium or we will feel the sound of sneezing in the closed and dark movie theater. Time will have passed and no one will be shocked by it.

    If there is a maxim that has been shown to be totally effective in preventing infections in this pandemic (and in fact, as the only measure that really works), it is social distance. Maintaining a couple of meters of distance between people is a new duty of humanity to manage to put the pandemic at bay, and the worst thing is that it will have to be this way for a long time. How does this affect sport?