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Michael Jordan has made many enemies in basketball for his complicated character and extreme competitiveness. In addition to having physical confrontations with colleagues like Will Perdue or Steve Kerr and pushing rivals like Reggie Miller, Pat Ewing, John Stockton, Charles Barkley or Isiah Thomas to the limit, there is another icon of the sport with whom he had a serious problem in the 80s (before he won the six NBA championships he has won in his career): Mike Tyson.

Taking advantage of the pull of The Last Dance, Jordan’s documentary that airs on ESPN and Netflix, and to promote that Tyson wants to fight again at 53, a passage from the book Taming The Beast: The Untold Story of Team has been recalled Tyson written by Rory Holloway, Tyson’s manager during his career. It details a confrontation that Tyson and Jordan had in 1988.

In December, just after a Bulls game against the Hawks, Richard Dent celebrated his 28th birthday at a Chicago restaurant, publishes AS de España newspaper.


The star of the Bears (NFL) was accompanied at the evening by the well-known boxing promoter Don King and by Mike Tyson, one of the most important heavyweights in boxing history, in addition to stars from the city as he was already. Michael Jordan. The two icons had a common denominator called Robyn Givens, which Tyson was divorcing and Jordan had dated.

The alcohol affected Tyson too much, so much that he confronted Jordan without saying a word:

“I told the waiter to stop serving him a drink because he already saw what was going to happen. He stared at him and stood in the middle of the table yelling at him, ‘Hey, man, do you think I’m stupid? I know you fucked my girl. ‘ It looked like Jordan had seen a ghost. “

“Jordan what he wanted was to get up and run away. That was a real circus and Mike [Tyson] He kept saying he was going to kick Michael’s ass [Jordan]”

Well-known is Tyson’s record. His most famous episode is the one he had with Evander Holyfield, one of his great rivals, who had his ear ripped off in the middle of a fight for the World Boxing Association (WBA) belt in 1997. (D)