How To Listen To YouTube Music With The Screen Turned Off On Your Phone

VLC lets you listen to YouTube music on an Android even if the screen is off.
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                                                If you like to use YouTube to listen to music, but you don’t want to constantly keep your screen on so that playback is not interrupted, there is a very simple solution: an external app. VLC, the popular video playback app, lets you play videos from YouTube on an Android device without having to keep the screen on. (At the moment, CNET in Spanish did not find any effective method to play YouTube videos in the background on iOS.) The first thing you should do is download the app from Google Play and wait for it to install. Once installed, open a video in the YouTube app and click on the share icon located at the top right of the video. In the list of applications shown choose the “Play with VLC” option. This action will take you to the VLC application automatically. You can download VLC for free on your Android phone.
                                                    Érika García / CNET

Next, touch the three dots icon at the bottom right of the VLC app and select the “Play as audio” option. From here you can listen to the audio of the videos without having to keep your cell phone screen on all the time. Remember that in order to perform this option you must have an Internet connection. If instead you want to watch YouTube videos offline, you can simply download them so you don’t have to spend your data.

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