How To Prepare The Miraculous Drink That Fights Cancer

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Nature is full of miracles, just look at us to know that currently the power is in everything that comes from the earth; Its fruits are an excellent example, especially since each one has many healing properties that not only facilitate our lives, but can also save us, so I invite you to continue reading so that you know the soursop juice that will help you fight cancer.

Soursop is a fruit of South American origin, and is composed of three important parts: shell, pulp and seed, each with an impressive amount of properties. It has a pretty sweet taste, so since arriving in our country it was very well received. Its season in our country runs from June to September, although it tends to bear fruit continuously, so you can prepare our delicious juice at any time of the year.



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This drink, depending on your needs, is recommended before each meal, starting from less to more, that is, starting the first week with a half glass and moving slowly until you consume a full glass before eating the food. For this juice, we will need:

-1/4 cup almond milk or some other vegetable milk.

-1/2 tablespoon ginger, preferably powdered

-1 tablespoon nutmeg

-1 good sized soursop

-1 tablespoon honey


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Step by step

There are two ways to make this simple and delicious concoction, one faster than the other. The first is a much more artisanal procedure and the other is a more practical way.

Mode 1

Place the almond milk in a bowl Peel the soursop and place it in the bowl With the help of a crusher, crush the fruit, making all the juice come out of the pulp, then remove the remaining pasta and add the other ingredients Serve and enjoy

Mode 2

Peel your fruit and cut it in half, remove the seeds and place in a blender. Add the almond milk, ginger, honey and grind everything. With a strainer, filter all the juice, removing the pulp. Serve to add the nut and enjoy.

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Why is soursop a miraculous fruit?

Due to all its properties, soursop was catapulted as a highly miraculous fruit, since in addition to helping cell regeneration because it is rich in Vitamin B, which, according to Medline Plus experts, help us to regenerate our cells, and it helps us prevent diseases like some types of cancer. Remember that the lack of vitamin B, could lead to annoyance such as fatigue, or depression, since it is important in the transformation of food into energy.


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In addition to its great healing power, soursop is very good for the health of our skin as it contains many antioxidants, which, in contact with our face and hair, will be visibly healthier, moisturized and bright. And not only that, soursop is excellent for fighting other diseases such as:



-Liver disorders


-Flu and cold


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Now that you know the wonders that this delicious fruit can do for you, what do you expect to try this recipe that can be more than beneficial for you and your loved ones? Do not forget that nature always provides us with wonderful instruments to take care of our body, inside and out, so health for health!


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