How To Register As a Voter In Texas

To vote in Texas (as in other states) the first thing you should do is register as a voter. Pay attention to the deadlines.
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                                                2020 is an important year for the future of the United States since primary elections will be held (those where voters select the candidate who should represent a party) and presidential elections and, to cast your vote, it is essential to register or register as a voter.If you are not sure if you are registered as a voter, you can check that online and in case you are not registered or have changed the address, name or preference of a political party, you must re-register. To confirm your voter status you must have your Texas driver’s license number, your unique voter number (VUID) or your first and last name on hand. Each state has its own dates for the primary elections. In Texas and 15 other states they will be held on March 3, so the deadline to register as a voter for the primaries was February 3. However, the deadline to register for the presidential elections of November 3 is until October 5.

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        Who qualifies to register as a voter In Texas, people who want to register to vote must: Be citizens of the United States Reside in the county in which they applied to be at least 17 years of age 10 months or older, and be 18 years of age Primary and Presidential Election Day Do not be a convicted felon Not have been declared by a court as mentally incompetent to vote You should mention that each state has its own restrictions. Here you can review the requirements for each state. Persons with a criminal record The Texas state government establishes that a convicted offender acquires the right to vote after serving his sentence. This means that if a person has already served his imprisonment, provisional release, supervision or probationary period, he may vote. If you are not sure of the type of sentence you are serving, ask a probation officer, probation or staff of the correctional establishment. Application for physical and online registration To register as a voter in Texas, you must do so physically at the Voter Registration Office in your county or download and submit the application for voter registration online. Online registration: Unlike other states like California, the application can be completed and signed online, but then you will have to print it and mail it to the voter registration office in your county. The shipping address is marked on the application. Another way to register as a voter is through the VoterPal app. Physical registration: You can register in person at the Voter Registration Office in your county or request to send a registration application to your home, which will be mailed within one business day. After receiving the application and completing it, it is necessary that it be sent to the voter registry of your county. If you do not know which address corresponds to you, click here. Enrollment applications are also available at the Voter Registration Office in your county, at post offices, public libraries, at the offices of the Department of Public Safety and at the offices of the Health Commission and Texas Human Services Commission. What happens if I did not register on time? Unlike California, if you miss the deadline to register your vote in Texas you will not be able to vote, unless that the reason why your name does not appear on the official voter registration list is an administrative error. If so, you can exercise a provisional vote, so you must appear before the voter registrar’s office within six days of the day of the election to present an approved form of identification. Follow all our coverage of the 2020 Elections in U.S


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