How To Turn Your Face Into An Emoji For Whatsapp And Instagram

You will have seen it in the stories of many instagramers and you may even have received by whatsapp an emoji from a friend who looked suspiciously like her. How do they get it?

It is not a complicated thing like Facebook avatars that use virtual reality, nor do you have to be an experienced designer to create an emoji that looks like you and with which you can “play” in your Instagram stories or that you can send in your conversations WhatsApp, for example.


And it's not just that the emoji looks like you (as much as you want, because you can create as many as you can think of), but then you can use it in different versions, like the classic with hearts in your eyes, making the symbol of Ok and even thoughtful.
How to create your own emoji with an iPhone

To be able to create your memo with iPhone it is necessary that you have previously installed iOS version 13, and that you enter the message application. Once there, and if it is the first time you create a memo, the app will guide you in its creation.
If you have created before and want to do it again, you just have to enter the messaging application and go to a new message, click on the emojis and then on the three points that are on the left of the screen.

Once on the editing screen you just have to play and navigate all the aspects that you can modify so that the emoji looks like you. From the hair to the shape of the face, piercings or skin tone.

If you want to change the hue of the colors, such as the tone of your lips, for example, you just have to select the color you want (if you slide to the left you will have all the colors) and a bar will appear below with the intensity.

In addition to modifying the nose, hair or the shape of the eyes, you can add accessories such as earrings or a bucket hat of those that set trends.

To use it in your stories, whatsapp conversations or messages, you just have to enter the keyboard, in the part where the emoticons are and select the one you like best.

How to create your own emoji on Android

If your operating system is Android, you will need to download an application (there are several free ones) to create your own avatar, because natively you cannot create it from your smartphone.

With Bitmoji you can create your avatar in a way very similar to what we have explained to you about iPhone. You will choose what you look like based on a “digital copy” that the program gets from a selfie of yours.

With this application you will only have to take a selfie and he will generate an avatar with your appearance. With Zepetto you will have an emoji that you can wear (although some of the clothes and accessories are paid) and share in other applications.

If what you are doing is anime, the FaceQ application is ideal for you. The result of your emoji will seem fresh out of an animated series. It is fun and very intuitive and you will have to create your avatar from scratch, as with iPhone.

Personalized emojis are the new fashion in social networks, and now your stories and your whatsapp conversations will be much more personal, because the emoticon can be you.