How To Watch Game Of Thrones Online And Legally

Although several months have passed since the last chapter of his eighth and final season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones was shown, there are still fans who are nostalgic for Jon Snow’s exploits. If you are one of those who are not yet able to fill that void, we compile all the alternatives to watch Game of Thrones online and continue enjoying this captivating story. Although finding a legal and affordable way to watch the series has been a bit difficult in the Lastly, the premium cable network has made things easier than ever. There is HBO Now, the network-independent streaming service, as well as HBO Go, a free streaming option for cable channel subscribers. Both give you access to the large number of original TV series and exclusive HBO movies. Some different services also offer “on demand” access to HBO offers as an additional subscription. We sincerely doubt that these additional means prevent the program from retaining its title as one of the most pirated programs of all time, but at least it is now less complicated to see it without guilt or crime, as long as you have some cash to spare and a high tolerance for images that do not skimp on violence. At some point, HBO Go was the only official method for the transmission of Game of Thrones in high definition, before the announcement of HBO Now. And best of all, it is still an excellent option, if you have an HBO subscription with your cable provider. This service provides unlimited access to all the original HBO programming, including the past seasons of Game of Thrones and behind-the-scenes shots with the cast, along with a wide variety of movies released on television and television specials currently on the premium channel. To access HBO Go online through the application that accompanies you, you need to buy a premium HBO package. Regularly an HBO subscription costs at least $ 15 dollars, with the exact rate fluctuating depending on your region and the amount of promotions available. HBO Go is free once you opt for a subscription through the participating TV providers, and you can access through the HBO Go website or a large number of different platforms ranging from Apple to Android. For your convenience, we list the supported devices below, but it is important that you keep in mind that the availability of HBO Go is based on your service provider and may not be available for certain platforms within a specific area. However, each new episode of Game of Thrones will be available for viewing on HBO Go immediately after its broadcast.Apple iPad (2nd gen or later, iOS 8+) Roku (details here) Apple iPhone 4s or later (iOS 8+ ) PlayStation 4 Apple TV (4th gen: tvOS 9+, 2nd / 3rd gen: 7.1.2+) Xbox One Apple iPod Touch (5th gen or higher, iOS 8+) Android phones (Android 4.1+) Apple iPad Mini (1st Gen or higher, iOS 8+) Android tablets (Android 4.1+) Amazon Fire TV (1st gen or higher) Android TV (Android 5.0+) Amazon Fire TV Stick (1st gen or higher) Amazon Fire tablets Samsung Smart TVs (model selection ) Chromecast (details here) MacOS 10.6 or higher Windows Vista or higher HBO Now works much like the HBO Go (mentioned above), as it provides quick access to all available HBO content, but without the need for a subscription for cable or satellite HBO currently offers a free one-month trial version for new users, but after that period, you must pay a $ 15 subscription per month for the service (or $ 10 dollars if you are a student). Once subscribed, you will be granted access to the massive HBO on-demand content library. This includes all Game of Thrones chapters, along with the latest episodes while they are streaming. It is also important that you know that, although HBO Now was once exclusive to Apple devices, the service is now available on a variety of devices. and web browsers. The independent service is an indisputable gift for those who resorted exclusively to streaming services, but still crave the quality content that HBO offers. If you are not interested in cable alternatives such as Sling TV, this will be your best option. Check the full list of compatible devices below. Apple TV (4th gen: tvOS 9.0+, 3rd gen: 7.1.2+) Apple iPad (2nd gen or later, iOS 8+) Apple iPod Touch (5th gen or later, iOS 8+) Apple iPhone 4th or later (iOS 8+) Amazon FireTV (1st gen or later) Apple iPad Mini (2nd gen or later) Amazon FireTV Stick (1st gen or later) Android TV (5.0 or later) Roku (2nd gen or later) Android Phones (Android 4.2+) Android tablets (Android 4.2+) Kindle Fire Tablets (3rd gen or later) Xbox One PalyStation 4 Windows 7 or later MacOS 10.11 or later Samsung Smart TVs (model selection) Chromecast (details here) Watch it on Hulu For just $ 8 dollars a month (or $ 11 dollars, if you don’t want to watch commercials), you get unrestricted access to dozens of TV shows on a multitude of channels, including series like Rick and Morty that aren’t available through any Another transmission platform. Although Netflix could have a broader catalog and with more original programming, Hulu still has a ton of exclusive content that is normally reserved for those with a cable subscription. Hulu has been expanding its offerings with a number of premium add-ons , like the live TV service. In addition, currently, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax are available, just paying around $ 10 per month extra, in addition to your subscription to Hulu.But, without a doubt, the biggest attraction is HBO. As with Sling, by just investing $ 15 more per month of the regular package, you will be able to access the entire HBO library, including programs, movies and content behind the scenes. You will also have the possibility to access the HBO Now application , in case you use a device that is not compatible with one of the devices named below. Android phones (Android 5+) Android tablets (Android 5+) Apple TV (4th gen) Chromecast (details here) Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPad (4th gen or later) Apple iPod Touch (6th gen or later) Apple iPad Mini (2nd gen or later) Xbox One Xbox One 360 ​​Amazon Fire Stick Amazon Fire TV LG Smart TVs (model selection) Nintendo Switch Roku 2.8 + (model selection) Samsung Smart TVs (model selection) Watch it on AmazonThe online shopping giant has succeeded with its Amazon Video streaming service, a service available to Amazon Prime members, and with its line of streaming devices, like Fire TV Stick. On its own, Amazon Video is quite robust and has solid programming. New offers are added every month and the service hosts content from several different sources, giving subscribers many options to choose from. If that is not enough, the company’s Amazon Channels service also allows Prime members to subscribe to premium channels, as HBO, through Amazon. If you decide to follow this route, you can log in to HBO with your Amazon credentials and view the full range of HBO content, through the Amazon Prime Video application on compatible devices (listed below). A subscription to this service will cost you $ 15 per month in addition to your Amazon Prime membership, which costs $ 13 per month or $ 120 per year. You can watch all of Game of Thrones in 4K with selected Fire TV products and smart TVs, as well as get full access to HBO Now.TiVo Roku Apple iPhone (iOS 7+) Xbox 360 Apple iPad (iOS 7+) Xbox One Apple iPod Touch (iOS 7+) Android phones (Android 4.0+) Apple iPad Mini (iOS 7+) Android tablets Amazon Fire TV (2015) Blu-ray players Amazon Fire TV Stick (2015) Kindle Fire Tablets (1st gen or later) Smart TVs (model selection) Select A / V receivers PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 MacOS 10.6 or later Windows Vista or later Nintendo Wii Home theater systems Nintendo Wii U Home theater systems Watch it on Roku Channel In the beginning, Roku Channel was a simple repository of free movies and TV shows for Roku hardware owners, but it has undergone several changes in recent months. In early 2019, Roku made the Roku Channel app available on Android and iOS, which meant ica that it is no longer necessary to have a Roku device to use it. A few months later, the company introduced premium subscriptions to the service, allowing you to enjoy the programming of Starz, Showtime, Epix and more for an additional charge.But now, a few days before the last season of Game of Thrones is released. , Roku Channel added HBO to its line, which makes it a store of all its favorite premium channels. Getting HBO through the Roku channel costs $ 15 per month, which is the same amount you would pay for an HBO Now subscription, although it has the added convenience of having all your premium network subscriptions in one place. There is also a version of One week free trial, if you expect to watch a single episode. At this time, the Roku channel is not compatible with many devices, but if you use Roku hardware to handle your transmission needs, it is another excellent alternative for those who hope to capture the Game of Thrones action. You can find Roku Channel on the following hardwares. Roku Android phones and tablets (7.0+) Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS 11.2.1+) Windows (Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers) Samsung Smart TVs (view details) MacOS ( Chrome, Firefox and Safari) * Article updated on February 9, 2020 by Rodrigo Orellana