Hoy Digital – Patients With Fever And Asthma Cram Hospitals And Clinics

Patients with respiratory infections, asthma and dengue fill the consultation, emergency and hospitalization rooms of hospitals and private clinics, in the large cities of the Dominican Republic.
Likewise, the probable number of deaths exceeds 50 deaths, although the authorities only confirm 27.
The deputy director of the hospital Robert Reid Cabral, Dr. Clemente Terrero, says that in regards to dengue, the hospital yesterday had 43 patients under 15 admitted.
Terrero said that in the morning 18 children who were treated with dengue were discharged.
The centers do not provide for the large number of patients with fever, pneumonia and other respiratory conditions, so it is necessary to establish lines of communication to contact the availability of beds.
A tour allowed us to observe the situation that the country has with respect to diseases of the season.
In the emergency area of ​​Robert Reid, he did not supply so many sick children yesterday, the same happened in Gynecology and Obstetrics, UCE Medical Center, Dominican Medical Center, Independencia Clinic and Gómez Patiño.
The number of febrile patients is significant in the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud and in Otolaryngology.
Some pediatricians who were consulted by Hoy say that the heat, humidity and smoke that has been unleashed at the Haina landfill may have exacerbated respiratory problems in Santo Domingo and surrounding areas.
"It's a difficult season for the country, the areas in clinics and hospitals are full," said the pediatrician.
For Terrero, tanned in the problems generated by the disease every time an epidemic is registered, this year's behavior is similar to what affected the country in 2015.
Official figures from the General Directorate of Epidemiology establish that during the last four weeks of epidemiology, from 33 to 36 of this year 3,233 cases of dengue were reported.
61%, 1983, were treated in public network health centers. 32%, 1021 in private centers and 7%, 229 in centers of other subsectors. Until week 36, 11,332 cases have been reported