Huawei | Donald Trump Gives The Green Light For Some US Companies They Can Do Business … Is Google Among Them? (Android)

Huawei presented an exceptional Mate 30 in September, but the absence of Google services by the US veto has stained the launch event held in Germany and its mass distribution.

The New York Times gives a light of hope to the Chinese company with a report: Donald Trump authorized to grant licenses for US companies to sell n on-essential goods to Huawei.

Recall that Huawei is vetoed by the United States, which accuses the spy company. That has prevented me from using Google services on the phones that were released after P30.


The United States and China continue negotiations to define a new trade policy. Huawei has become a “hostage” of Trump, who has not hesitated to point directly to the second largest mobile producer worldwide.

It remains to be seen which companies will obtain the licenses and if Google is among them. Microsoft recently came out in defense of Huawei and said that US sanctions have been imposed "without further evidence."



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