Huawei | If Donald Trump Is Not Re-elected, UK Can Revoke 5G Ban On Huawei, Report Says

Things get complicated between China and the rest of the world. After being banned from the United States, Chinese companies like Huawei have been banned in countries like the United Kingdom, see ing their plans to boost their 5G network cut short. This action may trigger the blockade of the rest of Europe by the Chinese company and there may be only one person responsible.

The Observer media has reported that the British government’s ban on the deployment of Huawei 5G equipment was for “geopolitical” reasons after the great pressure of US President Donald Trump.

According to his sources, the Chinese tech company was told that geopolitics had played a major role, and it gave the impression that the decision might be re-examined in the future if Trump failed to win a Second term and the anti-China stance in Washington will decrease.


The UK announcement constituted a U-turn: in January, the UK announced that it would allow Huawei to play a limited role in building the country’s 5G network, despite pressure from the United States.

In a statement issued after the announcement of the ban on July 14, a Huawei spokesperson told Business Insider: “Unfortunately, our future in the UK has been politicized, it is about US trade policy and not about security”.

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