Hugo Sánchez Makes Fun Of La Volpe, Offers Him a Gardener's Job

Editorial Half time

Mexico City / 12.11.2019 22:08:12

Hugo Sánchez and Ricardo La Volpe have a hunted rivalry, which has already reached a personal level on several occasions. Now with the exit of the Toluca mustache, the Pentapichichi could not help mocking.


During ESPN's Spicy Soccer program, the issue of La Volpe de los Diablos Rojos' departure was touched, and when it was Hugo's turn to speak, he merely teased and "offered" him a job as a gardener.

"Well, I have some neighbors in Mexico City who are asking me if I know a gardener … Well, there I go and work for a little while."

Hugo's rivalry with La Volpe began when they both faced each other as players and the Mexican player scored two goals from Chile to the then Atlante goalkeeper.

Since then, each one that can attack the other and criticize the work that each one has to do.