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Human Isolation Experiment, 40 Days Inside a Cave | Voice Of America

MIAMI, USA – Underground, without natural light, without a clock and without any type of communication, 15 people remained for 40 days in a cave in France. The brave were part of an experiment called “Deep Time” in which scientists seek to understand how people adapt to drastic changes in their lives influenced by the environment. “The main idea of ​​this experiment was to try to understand how a human being can find a solution to adapt to a new type of situation and if the brain finds a new way of working when you have no sense of time,” he told the Voice of America the explorer Christian Clot. In the mission, they discovered that at first the participants concentrated on their individual adaptation, each one focused on their own needs, however, about 15 days later, they began to join forces, said Clot. “Finding solutions to work with others to have a collective mindset and we had a group adaptation,” he explained. Scientists at the Human Adaptation Institute analyzed the interactions, sleep patterns and rhythm of the brain. They found that the biological clock in an extreme situation is unreliable since everyone lost track of time, the researcher said. “These types of experiments will help to understand a little more how we can help people learn and prepare to face these types of situations,” said Clot. He also stressed that the pandemic has made it clear that reality can change unexpectedly, so you have to be prepared, they also observed that codependency to cell phones and daily routines disappeared in the cave. “We all quickly forgot the telephone, the e-mails, we did not have any external information and we only had to listen to ourselves and the small group.” For the researcher, one of the most interesting paradoxes of the experiment was that despite the confinement and disconnection, there was a common denominator: “The feeling of freedom was much bigger than outside, this was incredible because we were locked inside the cave.” Sorry, but your browser cannot support embedded video of this type, you can download this video to view it offline. Connect with the Voice of America! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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