Humana, New Medical Tower Built In San Benito | El Salvador News

The new tower of the Guatemalan developer Inmobiliaria Inmobiliaria will be a "First World" Integral Medical Center. Construction will begin in the first quarter of 2020.

The Guatemalan developer, Inmobiliaria Inmobiliaria, presented its new project that will be a 20-level medical tower in the heart of San Salvador.

The project, which will begin to be built in the first quarter of 2020, has been called Humana Integral Medical Center, inspired by the human being and designed to live a health and wellness experience, said architect Gloria Navarro de Flores, country manager of Real Estate Quality.


“We present our third real estate development here in El Salvador, which unlike Insigne (inaugurated in January this year) and Avante (completed in 2008) this project is a real estate development building aimed at a specific sector: to the medical union, to medical sector, ”explained the architect.

This third major project of the Guatemalan developer will be built with an investment of approximately $ 30 million and is presented as a first level alternative that will meet the space, parking, geographic accessibility and security needs demanded by the Salvadoran medical sector.

“Humana has an architecture specially designed for medical use. Both doctors and patients will experience well-being in various dimensions. It is a tower that gathers in one place, clinics, laboratory, image center, area of ​​commerce related to health, as well as other amenities. It will be a complete, comfortable and cozy space, ”said the Real Estate Quality Country Manager.

Humana will have modular rooms for conferences and waiting rooms. Photo EDH / Real Estate Quality

Specialized center

Of the 20 levels, which will integrate the medical tower, nine will be for clinics, one for specialized centers, one for businesses related to health and amenities, and another for offices related to the medical sector such as pharmaceutical, insurance, medical equipment, among others.

The rest will be parking levels with capacity for more than 500 vehicles and there will be differentiated access for visitors and users, with the aim of achieving rapid fluidity within the building, said Gabriela Castillo, Marketing Manager of the developer.

“One of the needs that Humana will cover is the strategic location, since it will be in the San Benito District that stands out as one of the areas with the highest capital gain, with accessibility from different parts of the city, security and proximity to the main hospitals of San Salvador ”, detailed Castillo.

Each level will be equipped with friendly waiting rooms where patients and companions can share time while they are taken care of; You will also have a Lunch Facility area (food area) and a multipurpose terrace accessible to all users.

For the exclusive use of doctors, the social lounge was designed, a private area for doctors to relax and share with colleagues in a comfortable environment. They can also make use of modular meeting rooms that join and turn into a conference room.

The project, which will begin to be built in the first quarter of 2020, which will be an Integral Medical Center, is inspired by the human being and designed to live a health and wellness experience. Render / Courtesy Real Estate Quality

“The dimensions of the clinics will be from 43 square meters; all will have natural lighting and something very important for patients and that influences their best spirit is that they have natural lighting; it will also have six early call elevators; The project will have waiting rooms at each level of the clinics, as well as a multifunctional terrace and modular meeting rooms for conferences or medical congresses, ”said the Marketing Manager.

The inauguration of Humana Integral Medical Center is scheduled for 2023.

The architect Navarro de Flores indicated that the developer will generate 500 direct, 350 indirect and approximately 350 permanent jobs in the construction of this project, among construction assistants, architects, engineers, interior designers, among others.

“This project is a proposal for visionary doctors; doctors who want to provide the best experience to their patients in a comprehensive and innovative architectural space, ”added Castillo.

To date, the project already has a 40% placement and there will be medical clinics of all specialties.

Navarro de Flores said that Inmobiliaria Inmobiliaria has built and commercialized more than 20 residential, office, industrial and shopping center projects and, in response to these needs, Humana was born.

“Real Estate Quality designs and builds thinking of its customers. We give our investors and users that added value over time. We care about the image, technology, security, urban design of all our properties, ”concluded the country manager of Real Estate Quality.