Husband Of Chiquis Rivera Comes Out In His Defense Against Frida Sofía

Husband of Chiquis Rivera comes out in his defense against Frida Sofía | Instagram

Lorenzó Méndez, husband of the group interpreter Chiquis Rivera came out in his defense against Frida Sofía daughter of Alejandra Guzmán and recently in the field of music.

After the controversial altercation that has arisen between both artists in recent days in the husband of singer Chiquis Rivera took the claws to defend his beloved, the interpreter of “Cheer up and see.”


And is that Lorenzo Méndez after the altercation that his wife has had with Guzman’s daughter, has ruled on this conflict.

Mental health is a real thing. Be kind people, “the band singer wrote in an Instagram story.

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However, this comment was interpreted by some of his fans as a somewhat sarcastic comment or perhaps a possible response from the singer to Frida Sofía.

It all started on November 7 after the Radio Awards party, supposedly with some tequilas on top, Frida gave Rivera obscene signals.

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The reasons said that Frida Sofía faced Chiquis Rivera after the latter claimed the young woman for the bad treatment she gave to several grouper artists who had to interview on the Radio Awards carpet.

It was the program Sale el Sol de Imagen TV, which featured a video of the battle between the two women who told each other everything.

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Even Frida made several obscene signs to Chiquis, who was bothered by the disrespect and professionalism of the controversial woman, who has little time in the world of music.

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When they arrived at the bar Frida Sofía already had her sucks she was tequilating then Chiquis told her ‘hey the lord has a huge trajectory (Lupe Esparza) why don’t you treat him with respect ?, and that it was enough for Frida Sofía to get up to mint the mother, “said Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

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For his part, Lorenzo Méndez also deleted a story on his Instagram account, but it had already been captured by some of the netizens, so the evidence circulated through social networks.



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