“I Am Proud Of The (Cuban) People”

“I imposed the harshest sanctions that had ever been applied to Venezuela. We will make incredible deals with all these countries (Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela), but they have to wait until after the elections, “said Trump. (Eph)

Former US President Donald Trump expressed his support for the protests in Cuba against the Castro regime, in a recent interview with the Hispanic network Telemundo. In the same way, the Republican complained about the handling of the Joe Biden administration in the face of the social crisis that the island is going through.

“Much of the work we did for Cuba and the freedom of the Cuban people will be swept under the table by the Biden administration,” Trump said. The president is remembered for attacking the communist regime through travel restrictions and commercial sanctions against those who negotiate with companies linked to the Cuban military, among other measures.


Donald Trump: If Biden continued my policy towards Cuba, there would be a change https://t.co/LErMkgOZ1R

– CiberCuba (@CiberCuba) July 22, 2021

Tepid policies against the Castro regime that help the Cuban people

In a direction contrary to the policies of former President Trump, the Joe Biden Administration announced that it is evaluating reauthorizing the sending of remittances to Cuba, as well as the transfer of more diplomatic personnel to the island. Since the beginning of his term, the Democrat continues to reverse the policies of his predecessor, including through executive decrees.

It is not a minor fact that Biden was vice president under Barack Obama precisely when the United States and Cuba normalized relations. This fact, instead of benefiting the Cubans, provided the regime with more resources and increased the repression against the opposition.

His agreement with Raúl Castro only aggravated the persecution of opponents, since a greater number of tourists implied a greater need to hide the disagreement of the Cuban people. This includes religious people, since Castroism does not admit competition in worship.

When Barack Obama went to Cuba in March 2016, Baptist pastor Mario Felix Lleonart was detained and violently taken to the Santa Clara Provincial Criminal Investigation Unit, “as if he were a common criminal.” There he was for 72 hours.

Together with his wife, they opted to go into exile in the United States, after they seized their computers and raided their houses. Like them so many more.

It was also under the Obama-Biden duo that the Cubans were denied amnesty, the same that guaranteed their legal stay in the United States, once they reached the mainland after fleeing on rafts from the totalitarianism of the Castros. Now, unfortunately, they do it crossing from Mexico or through Central America, where they are treated as immigrants with the lowest category and suffer abuses by the coyoteros.

However, the recent interview that Trump gave to Telemundo triggered claims by Florida Democrats against Trump and his supporters. The politicians accused the former president of being hypocritical for not liberating Cuba, or Venezuela, with military incursions. This ended in an exchange of Cuban lawmakers from both parties calling themselves hypocrites.

At the end of his term, Trump established himself as the first president in around half a century who did not start an armed conflict and withdrew a historic number of soldiers from the Middle East, where he achieved peace agreements. As a businessman, he applied that logic to international relations, through economic agreements and / or sanctions, not military actions.



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